Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Time in Spain

I look back on these and it feels like this was months ago. We have managed to do so much in the weeks since we left Australia.

We landed in Barcelona and then headed south by car for about two hours.

On our first night we were lucky enough to experience the Tortosa Festa. So much food and fun, and by the end of the night, very tired children.

We drove to the top of the mountains where we were staying and I love this view down to the Mediterranean Sea and the beautiful little house in the foreground.

Spanish beaches are a little different to those in Australia. I didn't have to worry about taking bucket loads of sand home hidden in bathers, towels and shoe like I am used to.

The evening view from the terrace was always a fabulous way to end an exhausting day.

The bells! These rang every 15 minutes all day (and night) long.

A day trip to Barcelona was a great deal of fun and very different from the Spanish experience we had been having in the smaller towns. After the most amazing Spanish Tortilla ever in a gorgeous little diner, our first touristy stop was the Sagrada Familia. The size is astounding and the intricate detail leaves you speechless.

Park Guell is another Gaudi landmark. Walking around, you feel like you are in a fairytale or a dream.

The bike paths down the middle of the busy streets must surely make the riders feel safe.

Back to our little town and an early morning wander through the empty streets.

This ferry was fabulous. We are waiting our turn to go across. There is no engine involved, just two wires that run from one side of the river to the other on either side of the little boat. The boat is attached to these wires so it can't drift down stream. Once this car drove off, three cars (including ours) drove on to it, ready for the five minute trip across the river.

After a bit more of a drive we ended up in the beautiful town of Horta, in inspirational town for Picasso.

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  1. hi
    wunderschöne fotos!!!!!
    beautiful photos!!!!!
    you have a wonderful blog,
    liebe grüße,

  2. Hi Regina. Thank you for your lovely comments. Spain is such an amazing place to take photos. It is all so beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous photos. Love the cactus in the window sill. Cheers, Wendy

  4. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. What a lovely experience.

  5. Wendy, I must say that the cactus one is one of favourites too.

    Catg, I'm glad you liked them. I can't believe we were only there for 5 days.

  6. It looks wonderful! I loved Spain, oh, so many years ago.

  7. Dixiebelle, it was such a magical place. I had been further south before, to Andalusia, but this was my first time through Barcelona.

  8. Hi, have found your blog via The new good life, great tip on planting guide!
    Have enjoyed reading through your blogs on travel, great photos Spain looks soo beautiful.

  9. Andrea, glad you like the planting guide. I find if I have it on a piece of paper I just lose it. It is so much better for me having it online with an email reminder.
    Spain was stunning. There have been so many gorgeous places on this little adventure. Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment. : )


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