Thursday, September 1, 2011

Market Munchies

Every Tuesday and Friday one of the local streets turns into the most amazing market I have ever seen. The sights, sounds and smells are make it something that anyone visiting Berlin should experience.

We generally visit around meal time as the gozlemes are amazing. One of these is enough to keep you going all afternoon. There are a few varieties but Spinat und K√§se is still my favourite.

We have luckily discovered another great little treat from the same vendor. The longer, thinner pieces are called sigara borek and I am sure that many of these will be consumed over the coming months to keep out the cold. (Everything on the board had been cut in half for sharing so the portion sizes are quite big.)

For our little sweet treat, we are loving a serve of tulumba tatlisi. These are delicious to eat while still warm, but I still manage to go through quite a few once they have cooled. The sugary syrup soaks right through but the outsides are still a little crunchy.

Roll on Friday!

Take care

PS Just wondering if anyone is going to be out on Thursday playing along with Sow. Give. Grow.?


  1. Lucky you for having such an amazing looking market at your doorstep!
    I wonder if the whole world is slowly being taken over by gozlemes? It could certainly be worse :-)

  2. CHFG, it has such a great vibe to it. Later in the afternnoon there are people sitting by the canal listening to others play music.
    These gozlemes are amazng. I have never tasted anything like them. So flaky and crisp (and oily). Woohoo. It's Friday. I know what I am having for lunch.


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