Friday, September 23, 2011

Container Gardening is On My Mind

Rhonda's seed post got me thinking.

My Mum has been an avid and skilled gardener for as long as I can remember. It is a carry over from growing up on a farm I'm sure. It has only been the last few years that I have started to feel the desire to get my hands dirty and become a little more focussed with growing anything.

I started with herbs on pots and then graduated to a few tomato plants in a small plot out the back.

With my Dad's handyman skills a new vege patch was created and a second soon followed. These aren't in the best position but they get enough sun that I can extend my growing knowledge bit by bit.

I am already thinking about where I can build some more beds when I am back in my garden. (Shhh, don't tell Dad)

While I am away I have my kitchen garden with a few little plants for me to tend. I had envisaged myself germinating seeds and getting some leafy greens growing but that doesn't seem to be going to happen. The need for soil, space and sunlight have made me think that Bio-Mart and the farmers market at Wittenbergplatz will be a more practical solution.

For now I will look after these little beauties that provide yummy flavours at dinner as well as delicious pots of warming tea.

I am pretty sure that there will be a few more added to this little group in the next few days. I have a hankering for something with some oregano.

What window sill herbs do you grow?

Take care

PS I just walked in from the market with a little oregano plant. Whoops.


  1. Fantastic little herb pot collection, nothing beats them in dinner!!

  2. Jen, it is so nice to be able to chop a chilli to add a bit of a kick to the grown-up part of dinner.

  3. Maybe you can try sprouting, I just bought a little kit (not that you need a "kit", you can just use a jar, I just like kits) and its the easiest way to grow something green for salads and stir fries, with very little equipment and no soil at all. Apart from that my only pots are for mint to stop it from escaping!

  4. Farmer Liz, I did some sprouting earlier in ther year and loved the flavour of the sprouted chick peas. I saw a kit that sparked my interest last week. I have heaps of jars here but I would need to buy some fabric to go over the top any way. You may have pushed me back to sprouting.

  5. Look at all those wonderful chilli growing. I can't keep up with my chilli growing, I want to eat far more than I can grow.... and I think I need bigger window sills.

  6. CHFG, this little bush was loaded when I bought it which I is a bit of a bonus. We seem to be adding them to just about anything as we see them every time we sit down to eat. I thnk if these were outside I would probably forget about eating therm.

  7. Our kitchen window sill doesn't get enough sun for growing herbs in little pots on it, so I keep a BIG herb pot at the edge of the veranda, where it catches the morning sun but gets shaded in the afternoon (good for those super warm days). The herbs in there just grow wild: Mint, parsley, chives, thyme, sage, baby spinach...Oh, and lavender, which I grew from piece and put in there because I didn't have any spare pots. I want to start another and grow basil, oregano, & coriander with spring onions. We'll see how that goes. ;)
    Best of luck,

  8. S, I think I have herb envy. Your plot sounds (and I'm sure smells) wonderful. I love haing so many flavours on hand. Basil is a favourite as I love to make pesto.

  9. They look wonderful! Nothing beats fresh herbs in cooking. None of our windows catch enough sunlight to grow them on a sill so I've started, little by little, to plant herbs and a couple of vegies in our yard.

  10. Joy, I am looking forward to having some fresh herbs with quark on a jacket potato in the coming chilly months.
    The sill is my only option as we don't even have a balcony.
    Little by little is a great way to start.


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