Friday, September 9, 2011

Does This Make Me a Grownup?

It has been a while since I played along with Rhonda's On My Mind, but here goes.

There are handful of recipes that I just think of as a Mum job. And by Mum, I don't mean me. I mean my Mum. Those recipes that I just don't think I am ready for yet. One of the recipes that fits into this category is a Pavlova.

Friday is the last day of Deutsch lessons and we are having a bit of a party at the end of the session. Each person is bringing something from their own culture so I decided on a Pav.

I have never attempted one before so was a little worried. I would have to go this one alone as there wasn't time to get Mum to make one and then send it to Berlin. (I'm not sure if Australia Post or Deutsche Post would be big fans of this idea). There wasn't even time to email and ask for the recipe that she uses from a 1971 Woman's Weekly magazine. (I didn't think she would appreciate a midnight call for a recipe - I am such a considerate daughter.)

After a bit of Googling I decided on this recipe as I was pretty sure the ingredients would be easy enough to find. After a quick late night trip to Bio Mart, following consultation from my new BFF, Google Translate, I was ready to tackle this beast.

I have followed the instructions to the letter and now have a Pavlova sitting in the oven cooling with the door open.

Please cross fingers for me on Friday as I'll attempt to get the Pav to the class via public transport. I think I will top it with cream, strawberries and kiwifruit once I get there.

What was I thinking!

I must admit that there is a little plan in case disaster prevails. When we had to list what we were going to bring, no one knew what a Pavlova which was quite lucky for me. If it all goes horribly wrong, I can really take anything along and call it a Pavlova. No one will know the difference.

Take care


  1. Well done.I hope you get it safely to class

  2. Looks fantastic, yet to make one myself :)

  3. Good for you with your Australian pav! I'm sure it will be wonderful. What fruit will you put on it?

  4. Hey, that looks great! You've shored up the edges - tick, you're letting it cool down slowly - tick. Sounds and looks like a success to me. Enjoy your celebrations, love.

  5. Oh very good job with the Pavlova. It looks delicious...

  6. Funny I am a bit like that too but mine is fruit cake. I have been making a pav every year for Xmas for a few years now but have not attempted a fruit cake.

  7. Neat! I think it looks wonderful and I am smiling at how the technology has made us all google and search and such to do things!!

    Take care
    New Mexico

  8. Purplepear, thanks. At least I will be traveling in the middle os the day so I should easily get a seat.

    Jen R, the recipe was surprisigly easy. I haven't tasted it yet but was pretty amazed that it wasn't too tricky. Have a go.

    Duchess, I thought Pav would be good as there was no way I was going to attempt Lamingtons! I have seen some great strawberries at the market, and being Friday they will be ope so I'll grab a pun net or two. I have seen kiwifruit here too. My only concern is getting the right sort of cream.

    Rhonda Jean, thanks. I am very happy with how it looks and think that the fruit will sit nicely in the middle. It seemed to cool well as there are no huge cracks in it. Fingers crossed it tastes good.

    Tania, thanks. I must say I am feeling a little more like a grownup. The top feels nice and crunchy. Let's hope that the inside is nice and gooey.

    Fiona, fruitcake is definitely on the 'not ready yet' list. I would even go so far as to say that it is a Nanna recipe. I'll give myself another 20 years before I attempt that one.

    Humble wife, I would be lost without Google at the moment as I don't have any of my regular recipe books with me. Our diet here would be incredibly boring. I think I have used it for a new recipe just about everyday.

  9. Thanks, Mary. I am pleased to report that all went well and the Pav was a great success.

    1. I've been reading about your adventure with flour and pancakes... so all things considered, I think doing pav via google translator is pretty good and the contents of the oven look very impressive :)

    2. I've even made another one since then so I was pretty impressed. So delicious with cream and strawberries. Yum.


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