Friday, September 16, 2011

Remembering, oh wait a minute... I forgot

Each weekend I sit and write a bit of a menu for the following week. The meals aren't extravagant but it is just so that I am a little more focussed at meal times. Although the menu is planned once a week, the shopping is done every few days. I find this to be a great way to eat as the veg is always fresh. But the main reason behind shopping so regularly is that we don't have a car, and children will only carry so much.

Three times this week I have gone to do the shopping and three times this week I have left the supermarket without one of the main ingredients for the evening meal. Firstly it was corn chips that were needed for the nachos. The second time it was the mince that is generally a pretty important ingredient for hamburgers. Luckily on these two occasions I remembered before we were more than a few metres from the shop. With cash in hand, a child was sent back in the make the necessary purchase.

I realise you are probably thinking that some sort of list is called for but I did write a list! I just happened to leave it on the lounge chair at home.

Today my memory didn't do it's thing until I was already home. My selection of root vegetables had been unpacked and were out by the chopping board ready to be sliced and diced up for the evenings curry. Did someone say 'curry'? Whoops. As I know we are here for a limited time I have been buying a few convenience foods as I don't want to end up with a cupboard full of different herbs and spices. Curry sauce in a jar (tastes so much better than it sounds) was the one vital ingredient that would transform this veg into a spicy feast, and it was still on the shelf at the supermarket.

There was no way I was heading back out the door so a change on plan was needed. I had a sourdough loaf cooling on a rack so the decision was a bit of a no-brainer: soup.

Amanda Blake Soule's new book had just arrived in the post and one of the first entries is regarding soup. I figured that this was reinforcing my alternate menu plan.

All of the curry ingredients went into the pan with some sautéed onions. Water, some stock and a handful of red lentils (shhhh, don't tell the kiddies) covered the veg and it was all left to simmer.

Give it a blend. Add some grated cheddar. Cut off some sourdough, and there you have dinner. The grownups even added some a kick of chilli as we were feeling a little daring.

Not quite the curry I had planned. I console myself in the knowledge that it is always best to let something spicy sit for a day or two anyway. It just wasn't meant to be, today.

Take care


  1. I went outside to get broccoli, got distracted by the weeds and brought in leek and celery instead. What are we going to be like in old age?

  2. Your sourdough loaf is looking wonderful. Are you still happy making it?
    I frequently change my mind with dinner. Sometimes it's a nice surprise just to see what lands on the plate :-)

  3. Oh, sounds like my meal time melt downs. Your sour dough looks great. Did you make your own starter? I've been wanting to for some time now but can never get a consistent 2 weeks to produce the starter!

  4. Wow great looking sourdough, what recipe are you following?

  5. Kirsty, ha! So glad it happens to other as well. I must admit, weeds can be very distracting.

    CHFG, yep, still enjoying it. I'm not making it as often but we are very rarely buying bread. I even have a stash of yeasted bread rolls in the freezer for kids lunches. I want to try one of the fruit loaves next.
    Potluck dinners are a great option too.

    Stupendous Joy, yep I made the starter. Not as difficult as I thought it would be. Do it! You won't regret it (will she, CHFG). I used
    to get me started. You only need a week.

    Fiona, thanks. Could have cooked this one a little longer but it still tasted fab with the soup.
    This loaf was using
    but I have also been using
    a lot too. I think the second one would be good with a handful of dried fruit.

  6. Go the soup and sourdough!! I make my lists but have started to forget to take the lists with me to the shop!! No hope...lols

  7. Jen, there are just too many grown-up things to be remembering at once! I've even tried writing a shopping list into my phone but I am a real paper and pencil girl.

  8. Soup and sourdough makes for a really nice meal! I know that when I list recipes for the week dinnertime is definitely not so stressful!

  9. Linn, it was very yummy indeed.
    I think even just having a few options is helpful, even if you change which night you are having which meal. It's the thinking from scratch that can be tricky, especially late in the afternoon when wveryone is tired and grumpy.

  10. Ha ha, this sounds just like me! Last week I made a whole meal plan out, write out the list, went shopping (and actually remembered the list!), bought everything and promptly lost the list that had the meals on it. I have been guessing what the meals were all week long by what is in my fridge! Pretty sure I have missed at least two, but came up with something entirely different with similar ingredients! Oh, my poor forgetful brain, what would I do without it?

    Brenna :)

  11. Brenna, it is amazing to think how lost we can become without lists. I always love that feeling of being super organised with lists but then feel really deflated when I lose them. I'm sure your meals were lovely.


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