Monday, September 24, 2012

Compost Update

For  the past few weeks the weekend weather here in the west has been wonderful. There have been many hours spent out in the yard weeding and raking and generally getting things in order for Spring.

I have three compost bins on the go at the moment at varying stages of decomposition. The one that has been sitting the longest is ready to get taken out and added to a garden bed. At the moment we have six beds in the front yard with another waiting to be put together in the upcoming school holidays. This is where the compost will go when I get this next no-dig garden put together. (A post about this bed will follow in a few weeks.)

I get such a buzz each time I open the lid of the bin knowing that all of the food, garden and paper scraps we gathered are being put to great use and being dealt with on-site. There was no need to send any of this off in rubbish trucks to be recycled, or worse, turned into landfill. All of this wonderful compost will go towards growing our beautiful summer vegetables.

If you don't compost due to fear of the unknown, have a bit of read through the information at the top of the page and feel free as ask as many questions as you want. It is so worthwhile.

If you do compost, how is yours coming along?

Take care

Monday, September 17, 2012

Spicy Apple Chutney

Last week my father-in-law commented nonchalantly on how they had eaten some lovely pork sausages but wished he had had some apple chutney to go with these; something with a bit of kick to it. Now, it may just have been my ears, but I heard this to be a challenge.

With a bit of searching I came across this recipe that seemed to be the sort of thing I was after. As I have said before, store-bought just doesn't seem to cut it for me.

With my kilogram of cooking apples ready to be peeled and diced, I set to work.

The house began to fill with the aroma of fruit, vinegar and spices doing what they do best.

The quantity made two good sized jars and a little left over to test out with some crumbly mature cheese. Simply amazing, with flavours that just keep going.

I think he will be happy with the final result. I just need to get a label sorted.


Take care

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tomato Chutney

I have been really happy with how well the hothouse has worked in getting the tomatoes to turn red. We have already had a great harvest of tomatoes and the warmer weather hasn't even started yet.

As with all pestercide-less gardening, there is always an element of sharing. I don't mind the bugs taking some of the fruit. There were quite a few tomatoes that had spots and bits taken out of, but there is definitely more for me than them.

With the barbecue season fast approaching, our chutney jars were well and truly needing filling. The store bought stuff just doesn't compete.

I am a big fan of roasted tomato chutrny. Unfortunately in the week between making the chutney and writing this post, I have forgotten where I found the recipe.

I remember that it involved halving and roasting the tomatoes.

There was onion, apple, spices and vinegar added but the quantities are a mystery to me now.

As I was giving one of these as a gift, I thought I would use this online label maker that I found via another blog. (I wish I could remember where).

With a few jars in the pantry, I am now ready to clean off the barbie and get some burgers on there.

Take care

Edit - After searching through History I think this could be it. (Minus the sultanas)

Jam Label Makers
I have found a few that may interest you

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