Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Küche Show and Tell

This is the last of the cooking posts for a little while. There are other fabulous bits and pieces of Berlin that I am excited about sharing, but just need to get his out of my system first.

The weekend was nice and lazy relaxing, and cupcakes needed to be baked. Following the basics of this recipe, a made a bit of an alteration as we had some of the most amazing Zitrone Joghurt I have ever eaten. I thought that the flavours would be ideal for these little cakes.

Another success. The aftermath of morning tea. Those remaining cakes didn't even make it to afternoon tea as I had planned.

We had a bit of a hankering for burgers and nothing say burger bun more than a deliciously soft roll. This was something I thought I could manage and headed back to the internet for inspiration. (It is amazing how much I am relying on the it as all of my cookbooks are locked up in another country.)

I settled on this recipe and got to work midmorning. I kept thinking, "Give me another week and I am sure there is some sourdough version I could be making."

Don't they just look so soft and burger-like. 

The recipe was wonderful and I even measured each of them out so that they would all be the same size. 

I was doing really well until I got a little distracted Skyping and these ended up a little on the darker side. Whoops. They still had a great taste and were a hit with the burgers.

What does 4 euros (A$5.50) get you these days? Not much, I hear you say. What about this!

All of these little babies came home with me this today after my Tuesday afternoon trip to the market. Most are already in the freezer ready for the days when berries are out of season yet we are all still craving smoothies. 

I think I will need to start stockpiling.

An easy pasta dinner was the call for today, mainly as most of the ingredients were already in the apartment. I spied these cherry tomatoes at the Bio stall and knew that these needed to become past of the sauce. Their sweet flavour added a real zing.

The first sourdough loaf has just emerged from the oven but there won't be any photos. I think a little more work is needed. Is smells great, but aesthetically ...?

Take care

PS Brenna, thanks for the award. I am still working on my 5.


  1. Tell me that was 4 euros for a punnet and not for all that was in your photo...surely! Zitrone yogurt sounds lovely.
    How was the taste of the sourdough? The look, not so important but I'm hoping the taste was good! :-)

  2. CHFG, 4 euros for the lot. 2 euros for the blueberries and 2 euros for the raspberries. The raspberries were supposed to be 3 for 1 euro but as it was near the end of the day, and the weather had been awful earlier in the day keeping people away, he made it 4 for 1 euro. How many shall I get for you next time?
    The bread smells and tastes really lovely. A little doughy but still has a fabulous flavour. I meek to find out a little more about resting and kneading times. I wish I had my Wild Sourdough book with me here.

  3. Been following your Berlins posts - are you working there. Or is it a holiday?

  4. Cath, a bit of both. My partner is on a sabbatical.

  5. Oh Wow, I am having serious berry envy looking at your photos!

  6. Little Piece of Pie, these are the most amazing berries. There are about 6 bags in the freezer now ready for the days when I can no longer get them at the market. I think I will need to head back again tomorrow and get some more. Any orders, anyone?


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