Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On the Sweeter Side

So much of the cooking that has been going on around here lately has been making the most of the fabulous seasonal vegetables that we find a the local markets. Now that the oven is working (some issue to do with the timer not being off completely) the need for some baking was really taking hold.

A quick scour of biscuit recipe websites lead us to a fabulous basic recipe that allowed you to add flavours depending on the mood (or ingredient availability as in my case).

Following a trip out to get a few of the bits and pieces needed for baking, we were ready to get into it.

The alteration of choice was to include a drop of strawberry jam in the middle, inspired by these I had seen earlier over at cityhippyfarmgirl. Be warned that a visit to her blog always results in something else being added to the 'Must Cook' list.

This is one that we have bookmarked and will be revisiting.

We were happy with the 34 biscuits that the recipe made, so happy in fact that there are none left.

Take care


  1. Lovely looking biscuits! I bet they taste great.

    Gav x

  2. Gav, they certainly were delicious. We are thinking of trying with a bit of lemon zest in the dough and a sprinkling of sugar before baking next time.

  3. Mmm, lemon zest in the dough. Sounds good BM.
    Thanks for the link back, I find any biscuits with jam involved don't really get much of a look in for long. Enjoyed even more from your Berlin view!

  4. oh, yum, these look great and your idea to add zest & a sprinkling of sugar sounds even more yum!!

  5. CHFG, I think this variation will be made before the end of the week. I was planning on only baking once a week but these are too enticing. Lovin' Berlin. Your comment actually arrived while we were in the Egyptian Museum. So much to do.

    Dmarie, I'll let you know how these go.

  6. oh yum, they look delicious!

  7. Littlepieceofpie, these were fabulous. I love how the recipe is so versatile. So many options.

  8. hi
    those cookies looks great.i like cookie with jam-
    have a nice day

  9. Regina, these were certainly delicious. I recommend this recipe. I hope your weekend was full of fun.


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