Saturday, August 27, 2011

Reusing, Ancient Style

Last week we ventured back to Museum Island (yes, there is an island in the middle of the Spree with museums) and in particular the Egyptian and Papyrus Museum. This place had me totally spellbound before I had even walked through the doors. The ornate buildings that house the amazing historical collections on the island have small wounds where they have been peppered with bullets. I find there is history around me so often here.

As we entered the museum we collected the audio player that gives background information on most of the exhibits. Many of the displays have a number on the label and this number is pressed into the keypad to start the relevant track.

I had to share this little piece of history with you as I thought it was a fabulous example of reusing. I must admit that I had a little giggle to myself while I was listening to the information.

Be warned that this is not a history lesson as I have forgotten names and actual dates, but I still think you will like this.

This is a statue of one of the kings that has been excavated. The sculpting is absolutely beautiful. (One little fact: their hands resting on their thighs means that they are praying). You can't see it but on his waistband is an inscription of his name and a bit of information about him. If you have a close look at the face you will notice that his nose doesn't look quite right.

While listening to the audio I found out that about 600 year after this king died they decided to reuse this statue for a new king. A new inscription was added to the back (as you can see below) and they tried to re-sculpt the face to look like the new king.

Why build a new one when you can just remodel one you already have on hand?

I thought that was a great example of recycling from days gone by.

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