Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A New Soup

We had a late afternoon planned yesterday so I knew that I would need to have dinner ready to be quickly heated when we returned from our trip to the Lego Discover Centre.

I want to try to broaden my German repertoire, which will seriously not be difficult, so recipe searching resulted in a great sounding soup. I'm not sure what makes it German. I found some great vegetables at the organic market last Friday. It can sometimes be a little tricky shopping in another country, even with vegetables. I looked quizzically at a leafy green thinking that it looked quite familiar. One of those haven't-I-seen-you-somewhere-before looks. Maybe it was your cousin?

The sign hidden underneath the table load of vegetables said Sellerie. The leaves were a really deep green and the roots at the bottom threw me a little. The stalks were a little thinner than I am used to. 

We were in business. Just what I was after.

This is such a simple recipe. (Mental note to self: reread recipe before taking photo as onions are not included.)

I started it bubbling away in the morning and left it to do its thing for about an hour and a half. As I didn't have and dried herbs, I threw in some of the lovely fresh basil once I took it off the heat.

Flash forward about 7 hours. Walk in the door with 2 excited children, each with a Lego box ready to be opened and contents assembled. A quick going over with the stick blender. Heat it up. Slice some bio ciabatta. Grate a little cheese (my kids will try anything new with a cheese-on-top option available).

Dinner is served.

This will certainly be making its way back onto the weekly menu. The entire pot was emptied and everyone went to bed happy (after playing with their Lego).


  1. The Vegie with the green stems is Celeriac I think and you can make a tasty mash from the root. The soup looks very yummy.

  2. Yum yum yum! The seasons have clicked here and Fall is definitely on its way! With that comes soup season, my favourite! This will be a new recipe I will be trying for sure, thanks for the link!



  3. Fiona, I will need to look into the mash. It certainly was yummy. It was still talked about the next day.

    Brenna, I hope you enjoy it. We are eating a lot of soup here at the moment as it is so easy and such a great way to get so many different vegetable into the diet.

  4. Oh that soup looks good! I agree with Fiona looks like celeriac to me too!

  5. Mrs Bok, it was so good that I made it again last night. It is a fab way to get veges into kiddies fighting colds.
    Yep. I agree with you both. The sign definitely said Sellerie so I am wondering if you can even get what I would think of as celery here. More interest that actually wanting any as I'm not a huge celery fan.


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