Friday, August 12, 2011

Our Time in Hong Kong

I thought I would give you a bit of a look at what we have been up to over the last month. It is now exactly one month since we left Australia and we all feel as though our feet have barely touched the ground.

For those of you who don't want to see holiday snaps, avert your eyes now.

I'll go country by country, starting at the beginning.

We spent 6 days in Hong Kong.

Here goes...

We headed to Hong Kong Park for a bit of a wander and came across the Conservatory at the top. Amazing plants.

Some turtles giving each other piggy-back rides.

The tram to the top of The Peak is a great way to great to such a high point in the city. This view looks down over Hong Kong in the foreground and then across to Kowloon on the other side of the harbour. You can get to the other side either by ferry, or by the train that takes you under the harbour.

A quiet time was had by all during a visit to a Buddhist nunnery. Magical gardens and a serene atmosphere makes this such a special place.

There is such a contrast between the high-rise apartments and the nunnery.

The trams are a great way to get around. These are cheap and follow a lot of the main roads. We tended to use the underground trains a little more as we were wanting to go longer distances.

For one nights dinner we headed over the Lamma Island, one of the outlying islands. The ferry ride took about half an hour and it was gorgeous. We landed on one side of the island and walked for an hour to the other side for a delicious dinner.

On our walk we came across an organic herb garden. Wandering through was a wonderful experience.

Our view down to the other side where dinner was awaiting us. Although it looks misty, it was quite warm.

Beer was also waiting for us.

Our view back to Hong Kong. You can see the lights in the distance.

Although I am vegetarian, I loved the looks of these open air butchers. Who needs to wear a top when you have a big knife in your hand. I think you can pretty much do what you want. Some even had a cigarette. Who was I to argue.

This made me think of my rides back from the farmers' market and how my little basket at the front can make the ride so much trickier. I must be a bit soft.

At the Science Museum there was a great display about reduce, reuse and recycle that make me thing about the blog.

Another ferry trip to another island saw us on Lantau Island. Special permits are needed to have a car on this island and the main mode of transport is the bike. This is at the ferry terminal where bikes are parked while their owners travel across to Hong Kong..

A beautiful boat that we was on our way to dinner.

We were taken for a great walk along Tung Choi Street where the many of the shops sell pets. This part of the street was devoted to fish and other aquarium pets

Around the corner was the Bird Street where the air was filled the chirps and tweets of hundred of birds, most of them very small.

There had been plans to go to Macau but the weather and timing just never seemed right. We were able to settle on going to one of the hotels that sells the same Portuguese custard tarts that Macau is famous for.

The next stop of the Tour of Bruisemouse is England.

Take care


  1. Thank you for taking us on your holiday with you! These pictures are fascinating! I can't wait for England, it has always been a place I have wanted to visit!

    Brenna :)

  2. Great post and a very good summary of Hong Kong. It's quite a while since I was there, but we are thinking of a family holiday there next year. It sounds like you had fun. Seems like it would be a good mix - some for the techno mad and some for the more botantically minded with some culture thrown in as well! cheers Wendy

  3. Loving the tour, this is definitly the most frugal way to travel

  4. Thanks for sharing those photos. I'd love to see more from the Far East but alas... the nunnery looked like a very special place and I love the 'misty' shot. The Hong Kong skyline looks spectacular!

    I hope you enjoyed your trip!

    This Good Life


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