Friday, August 5, 2011

Exploring a New Neighbourhood is On My MInd

We have been here in Berlin for 48 hours now, and we have managed to get out and start to find our bearings. This mornings highlight was certainly the twice-weekly market not far from where we are living. The weather is a little rainy so the camera stayed tucked away. (It also gives me an excuse for another post about the market).

As we walked around looking at the vibrant vegetables, and smelling the aroma of the olives and cheeses, so many dinner ideas came to mind. For tonight, we decided on tomato soup. I think by the look of these, you can see why.

I hope this time we remember to use the basil. We bought this little plant on Wednesday when we were making a delicious pasta sauce and then sat and admired the forgotten and completely intact plant at the end of the meal. Oh well.

We also had to take home some of the beautiful stone fruits that are in season here in the northern hemisphere. Yum.

There is so much on my mind at the moment but this will do for today.

Take care


  1. I've never made tomato soup - will have to look for a recipe and give it a try. The peaches and apricots look yummy.

  2. Becky, real tomato soup is fabulous. The recipe in the link is great, even though this version didn't turn out too good. I know that the tomatoes looked good, but they were pretty much lacking in flavour. I will make sure to get organic ones next time as I am pretty sure these were grown in a hothouse.
    And as predicted, we forgot the basil!

  3. How absolutely wonderful that you have the next 5 months in Berlin. That is a whole bundle of wonderful. I would love to quiz you on the hows and where's down the track. I love Germany, beautiful country.

  4. CHFG, we have only been here 5 days and I love it. The city has such a magical feel to it. We originally were going to move around a bit more but thought we would stay here and use it as a base to travel to other places for short stays. More to come...


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