Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quince Paste Update

Sunday night was spent tending over a pot of simmering quinces after reading about the wonders of Quince Paste over at Greening of Gavin and Gooseberry Jam.

After about four hours I can certainly say that I was happy with the final result.

We have been having it on crackers with a lovely tangy cheddar but I am sure by the weekend there will be some brie involved.

I used silicone cup cake cases and managed to fill all 12.

Super easy and definitely worth a go.

Make sure to drop by and add a comment if you are interested in winning a book in a giveaway that closes on Sunday.

I also had a few requests for buttons for Sow. Give. Grow.  If you are interested I have now managed to get one up in the SGG sidebar. Please feel free to pop one on your site. Thanks again to you all for the support.

Take care.


  1. Yum, and it looks so professional too!

  2. Go you! This looks divine! I'm hoping reading and seeing all these lovely blogs rubs off on me. I did attempt quinces in the slow cooker but they were a bit of a failure.

  3. Duchess, it certainly is amazing stuff. I'm glad you told me about having a go in the slow cooker as I was going to try that next time. I think I'll stick to the stovetop. I think the trick is to go really slowly. Make sure you are on a very slow heat.

    Mary, this is only my first experience with quinces. To look at, they are a little like a pear. The ones that I used were really hard to cut and core. I don't know if that is usual. I think I was expecting the texture to be like hard pear or an apple. I am not even sure if you would eat them raw. All of the things I see are about cooking them. I found this little fact sheet for you.

  4. Dixiebelle, thanks. They taste pretty yummy. We have managed to eat about 3 of these in the last couple of evenings. Great late night DVD watching snacks.

  5. Ahhhh! My wine book has a recipe for them and the author is british. I think they might grow here though I've never seen or heard of them.


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