Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wholefood Seminars

Just a little heads-up to any of you around Perth that might be interested in going to any of Jude Blereau's seminars.

There is one seminar called What's in the Bag about school lunches with special guest Julie Eady, the author of Additive Alert. This is a repeat as the first session was a selloout, so if you are interested in this event held on 16b June, you should get in quick.

The second seminar which will be held on 25 June is called How Does Your Garden Grow. This looks at wonderful winter vegetables and gives you great menu planning ideas. I have been to a few of the seasonal seminars and found them to be really interesting.

For those of you too far to travel, perhaps you could check your local library for some of her wonderful books. I have written about the delicious Chocolate Chip Biscuits before and have also tried her fabulous Pear Harvest Cake.

Take care

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