Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sowing, Giving and Growing

Thanks so much to you all who have dropped by to a new project I started with a wonderful friend of mine last week. Sow. Give. Grow. has been going for only a few days and already we have had some fabulous feedback. There have been wonderfully encouraging comments left on both Living a Little Greener and Sow. Give. Grow.

A big thanks to Dixiebelle, Gooseberry Jam and Eight Acres who have made particular mention of the project on their blogs. There may be others but these are the ones I have found.

The project has now been expanded to include the giving of seeds as well as seedlings.

My family and I were involved in some trans-planting yesterday at the St Luke's Eco Fair and we had a blast.

The kiddies spent the whole time going back to where we had left some of the seedlings and seeds to see if these had been taken. It is amazing how reluctant people are to take something that isn't theirs. We had written the word FREE in big red letters on the tags as a form of encouragement. The most exciting part of the experiences was seeing someone pick up some seeds, put them back down, pick them up again, show them to a friend and then take them.

I hope some of you decide to join us on this little adventure as either sower or givers to encourage some growers.

J has written a wonderful post on The Thrill of the Trans-plant, all about our 'naughty' Friday'.

Take care


  1. It's very exciting... off to check out the added Seed Giving now!

  2. Dixiebelle, I am feeling very excited about the reaction. It has been really positive. Thanks so much for your interest and support.


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