Friday, May 20, 2011

Decluttering On My Mind

It is that time of year again. As the seasons change I feel the urge to get the house and yard sorted. I know that over the coming months we will be spending more time indoors so it would be nice to be able to see the floors in all rooms, rather than just the paths that everyone follows to get outside. A good clean of the yard is also needed as we won't be out there as regularly as we are over the summer.

As the kiddies get older, many of the clothes, books, toys and games that have accumulated have now been outgrown. The clothes don't fit quite as well as they did last winter and we usually find that socks keep feet much warmer when they aren't full of holes.

I am hoping that by the end of the day there will be a pile of things that are no longer needed. These will either be sent to a charity bin or uploaded to Freecycle. I am usually pretty good at working out what can stay and what must go, but my problem is that then I seem to lose enthusiasm when needing to get it out of the house. I end up with piles by the front door.

It is always such a great feeling to declutter. To have benches cleared and wardrobe doors and drawers able to be closed can easily bring a smile to my face

Last night the ipod was charged, with a podcast or two and an audiobook uploaded, and it is ready to keep me company through the day.

The older I get, the more I appreciate "Less is More".

Take care

P.S. I would much rather be sewing like Rhonda Jean today.
P.P.S. Head over and join in the giveaway before Sunday. Good luck.


  1. I am always decluttering, I don't know how that happens!! It's an ongoing cycle, I know that now. It's a good feeling when you've decluttered, esp. if you can donate items on to a new life...

  2. I hope you had GREAT success with your decluttering session. I've been trying to do a little each week and load it straight into the trunk of my car and take it to the Goodwill box in front of K-mart so I don't have to look at it again.

  3. Dixiebelle, I am hoping that by this evening I will have a serene glow about me from this domestic 'cleanse'.

    Becky, thanks. I have great intentions of keeping the clutter down regularly but it all seems to get too much with the day-to-day. I this the charity bins will be pretty full once I have finished.

  4. I'm hearing you sister! I know all about decluttering - it's the actually doing it that I find difficult.
    I love my ipod (it's exactly like yours) and I love following ABC podcasts when I go walking. It makes me feel intellectual!

  5. DD, perhaps I would get more done if I stopped checking my email and updated blogs.
    I have had a podcast at The Splendid Table on my ipod ready to listen to for a while now. Will probably make the playlist today.
    Still cleaning. Haven't made it to decluttering yet.

  6. I love that light airy feeling after I have decluttered.

  7. Rose, me too. Wish I was closer than I actually am. A lot more time consuming than I had expected.

  8. I've been in clearing out mode too. The more I get rid of the richer I feel! and the fact that I just hauled the newly gathered piles of stuff off to charities on Wednesday leaves me with a glow!

  9. Good luck with the decluttering. Here in The Netherlands Summer is near, but I also would love to declutter. There are a lot of things I want to sort out, so you've given me a great example ; )
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. There is something so very satisfying about decluttering and finding a place for everything (with the drawers still closing!). I too have a bad habit of making a large goodwill pile and then leaving it by the door for far too long....

    Also, I whole heartedly aggree with Dmarie in that the less "stuff" I have the richer I feel.

    You've both just inspired me to go home and tackle a drawer or closet or two. Thanks and good luck in your own decluttering endeavors. (popped over from Rhonda's)

  11. Dmarie, that's great that you managed to get rid of some 'stuff'. It always gives me an amazing sense of achievement. I'm not glowing as much as I had hoped but there is a little flicker. Still so much to do.

    Monique, I hope you manage to get some decluttering done. I've started with clothes and books. Good luck.

    BLD, I have one pile of books and nearly a bag of clothes. It will be interesting to see if these are still in the house by the end of the weekend. I think hoping to do it all in one day was a bit ambitious. LIttle by little will need to be the way.
    Good luck with you own decluttering.
    Thanks for popping over.


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