Sunday, May 29, 2011

Adventures in Sourdough

After my fabulous sourdough lesson last week, I thought it was time to get moving and finish the loaves that were started 7 days ago. We prepared the dough in the session up to stage where all of the kneading had been done but non of the rising had occurred. Last Sunday when I brought the dough home, I placed it into the fridge as Yoke told us that we could do this for up to 5 days. I was a little worried as I had left it a week.

I let the dough get back to room temperature for about an hour and then gave it a gentle stretch to strengthen the gluten.

After a 15 minutes rest (the dough, not me) I divided the dough into two loaves - one for a tin and one to be freeform. For the freeform loaf, the dough was stretched and then some dried apricots and walnuts were generously sprinkled before it was rolled up.

I also bought a lovely little loaf tin from Yoke after the lesson. It is a great size and the dough from the basic recipe should make 2 loaves of this size.

Both loaves were left to rise for a few hours until they had doubled. This took a little longer than I had expected as the weather was quite cool here today. I left the loaves covered by a damp tea towel on the front seat of the car to warm up.

The results are great and I know that there is so much to learn about how the process works best. I am excited about having another go during the week.

Take care.


  1. Wow this bread looks great! Very professional. Well done.

  2. DD, thanks.I have another batch on the go at the moment. I am amazed how time consuming the whole process it. I need to be organised (which is a bit of a worry).

  3. Super exciting! Well done, they look wonderful. Did they both get gobbled up straight away?
    Looking forward to hear about batch number two. It does seem time consuming at times, but soon enough you'll sink into a rhythm, and the whole process will just fit in with your life.

  4. CHFG, both of the loaves from the first batch were eaten within 24 hours!
    The second batch look really good and have been cooked and placed in the freezer ready to have with lunch tomorrow.
    I can see how the process becomes quite rhythmic and Yoke is always happy to help work out a bit of a timetable to get it working.
    So much fun and wonderful results.


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