Saturday, May 14, 2011

Growing Fruit is On My Mind

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to go to a truly inspirational talk by Josh Byrne, who many of you may know from Gardening Australia, organised by Earth Carers. He talked about sustainable gardening and gave fabulous examples from the houses he has lived in and landscaped.

One of the topics that really got me thinking was the section about dwarf fruit trees. They seem easy to grow and can yield quite a bit of fruit. He spoke about how wonderful these are for growing in pots, which is a great for people who rent, as he does.  I had a voucher to a nursery that needed to be used, but I could never quite decided what to spend it on. After walking around the fairly limited selection, it was decided that we would take a Dwarf Pear Tree home. Pears are one of the many fruit that we all love so everyone was please with the final choice. The next step is deciding whether to plant it into the ground or into a pot. I'll have to think about that one on the weekend.

I have been keeping an eye on the few other fruit trees that we have and they all seem to be coming along really well, albeit slowly.

The grapefruit has three fruit which should be ready soonish. I noticed that one of these is starting to turn yellow. Very exciting.

The lime tree has quite a few beautiful white buds and a handful of tiny fruit. Last year we managed to get about five fruit which were fabulous in a super easy, delicious lime tart.

We have a very small fig tree which has yet to produce any fruit. It will probably take a few more years before it is mature enough.

The passionfruit vine that was planted to cover the fence is looking much greener than it has previously. It is growing really well over the trellis so hopefully in the next year or so we will be able to harvest some delicious passionfruit.

The biggest surprise for me today was the blueberry bush. These should fruit in summer (shouldn't it?) but this morning on closer inspection I noticed about half a dozen flowers. I am wondering it is because we have had such a warm autumn.

Aren't they just beautiful.

Take care


  1. It doesn't get much better than eating fruit off you own trees. It's spring over here in the US... my blueberries will be ready to pick by the end of May and we should have berries until the end of June...Our fig tree was about 3 years old before it began to bear fruit. You can see it here if you want

  2. Patti Bee, your fig tree looks like it is coming along really well.
    I saw a great recipe with blueberries that might interest you.

  3. Do you need two pears? Obv. not, or you would have gotten two! I would like pears, but the husband doesn't think we would eat them as much as the apples and peaches we put in. I'd also like figs too, which grow in this area really well... maybe I can convince him of some dwarf varities of fruit, which won't take up much room nor produce masses of fruit he thinks is less popular in our house!

  4. Thank you for this as I am now a renter I think I might try these dwarf fruit trees in a pot. Any tips for making them do well in their little abode?

    Josh could be my boyfriend after Mr Cundall.

    have a lovely weekend.

    x jill

  5. I'm wanting to plant some dwarf fruit tree's myself. I need to pull out my tree books and read up on growing them a bit more before I make the leap to purchase but you have given me the motivation to press forward with the process.

  6. You've got some good fruit growing there! Our blueberries fruit in winter and spring. Good luck with the passionfruit. They're such a delicious fruit.

  7. Those blueberry flowers are beautiful, I have not seen them before...
    I get excited about fruit trees too, I just wish they didn't take so long to grow!
    Have a nice day :)
    P.S Put in a plug for S.G.G on my blog today...

  8. Aren't those flowers beautiful. Mine seems to have gone into hibernation since the cooler weather set in. I hope it bears plenty of fruit for you.

  9. Dixiebelle, these Trixzie pears are self pollinating. (I checked on the label).
    I went for dwarf varieties as I want to eventually have quite a variety of smaller trees. I was worried that if I used standard trees, I would only be able to get one or two as they would take a long time to mature. I am sure there will be arguments over the pears as two of us like crisp, crunchy pears while two others prefer theirs softer.

    deux chiens et un garcon, I think that fact sheets over at Gardening Australia
    are really helpful.
    Also, find a great nursery. There is a great one near me that is great.
    It is really important to use good compost and some manure with the soil. Josh Byrne also talked about rock minerals that I went and bought the organic minerals.
    I know what you mean about gardening boyfriends. 20 years ago the debate was between Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran, now it's gardeners.

    Becky, good luck with the readying. I actually found it easier to go to the nursery and speak to someone. I would love to know which trees you decide to plant.

    Rhonda Jean, that is good news about the blueberries. I thought I have had some mutant shrub that couldn't tell the difference between summer and winter (not that we have had any sort of cool weather yet). I am really looking forward to the passionfruit fruiting. Yum.

    Gooseberry Jam, they are gorgeous little flowers. They are so dainty. One of the reasons I chose blueberries was that they wouldn't take too long to start fruiting.
    Thanks so much for the SGG support. I have some pea seedlings ready to go so will hopefully be able to get out and about tomorrow and do some trans-planting. ; )

    CHFG, we have had a really warm autumn here in the west. One of the bushes has done very little while the newer of the two is looking lush and producing a lot of new canes. I think I might need to replant the slower one. I too hope it produces a lot of fruit.


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