Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yoghurt + Flour = Gozlemes

With the yummy yoghurt making that has been going on here, it got me thinking about some camp cooking  we did last year.

I am not really one for camping, especially when I know there is a perfectly good bed not too far away. Our compromise with the kiddies was to do some cooking over a camp fire.

I had found a wonderful gozleme recipe a few months earlier over at Slow Living Essentials and knew that it was really simple and everyone would be happy with the results.

With the glow of the fire and the chatter of family poking and prodding at the embers, we cooked away watching the dough turn to a gorgeous golden. This is certainly the sort of food that needs to be eaten to keep out the biting cold.

If I remember correctly the compromise even ended with us all going inside to eat. Much warmer there.

On another topic, we have had the first Non-Bruisemouse-or-J trans-plant over at Sow. Give. Grow. Thanks so much to Gooseberry Jam for playing along. We are very excited.

Take care


  1. looks yummy...can't wait to click the link and see just what these Gozlemes contain!

  2. This looks very tempting - and so much better eating inside I think. I'm not one for camping either!

  3. Dmarie, I think the ones we made contain cheese of some description (of course) and hopefully we had some greenery in there too.

    DD, it is so easy and they taste delicious. I think if we had eaten outside I would has spent most of the time trying to keep warm.

  4. Oooh, yes, perfect campfire food! Well done. I have made these several times at the daughters' primary school..on a heavy, solid fuel bbq. Very smoky but good fun. The kids loved it!
    Eating inside = very sensible! It's way too cold at the moment!! :)

  5. Christine, these certainly are a great kiddy food. It is amazing what you can fill it with. Add a bit of cheese to some veg and they eat them down.


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