Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cinnamon Swirly Goodness

Yesterday a request was put in for some Cinnamon Scrolls. It was a bit of a Little Red Hen moment as no-one was really that interested in the making of the rolls, but everyone was more than happy to assist in the eating. In fact, they were so willing to oblige that the last two were finished this morning after a pancake breakfast. 

With guests coming for afternoon tea the suggestion of another batch was made. The first batch of the dough went straight to the compost. I have absolutely NO idea what happened but it was just wrong.

Take two.

The dough this time looked and felt right. I did cheat a little though and used the bread maker for getting the dough to the rolling stage. I made sure to add all the the fluids first and made sure to leave the flour and yeast till last.

I haven't bothered to ice the buns as the recipe suggests as these are already sweet enough.

Even though the afternoon tea didn't eventuate there are only a trio of scrolls remaining on the baking tray.

Hoping you all had a great weekend.

Take care


  1. These look totally yummy!
    I just have to say too - I have now seen Margaret River yogurt at my local IGA! That's a lot of miles to travel to Qld.

  2. DD, WOW! All the way across the country. Don't you have cows in Queensland? I can't believe this is allowed to happen
    ; )

  3. Yes, but all the smaller dairies seem to be taken up by the big guys. Smaller 'boutique' type brands are popular too so maybe they think it will sell well here. Certainly Marg.River produce sounds exotic to a Qlder!

  4. I still haven't made cinnamon scrolls. Clearly an over sight... Yummo.

  5. DD, Margaret RIver is a gorgeous place. I love supporting the smaller companies. I know what you mean about the bigger places taking over.

    CHFG, you must! I ended up making 3 batches in 4 days. Too yummy. The monkeys will love you even more. ; )

  6. 3 batches in 4 days! Good stuff. Maybe I should send The Monkeys to your place instead ;-)
    Sourdough version?

  7. Oh, a sourdough version. Now you are getting me thinking. You are all more than welcome for afternoon tea. Just let me know when your flight arrives. : )

  8. your bread pan looks like we have similar machines :)

    yes, cinnamon scrolls here, no jam, just cinnamon, sultanas and sugar for the centres/roll out and then some glaze for the top (icing sugar and milk) thinly drizzled. too good. Smells awesome in the oven as well esp on a cold day. I can't have too many but they are delicious!

    Funny though, my machine asks for yeast first up and powders, with liquids last...

    I did have a crack at jam in mine a couple of posts ago... turned out very firm, too firm so will have to play with the recipe a bit. :)

    1. It's a Sunbeam Quantum that I was about 10 years ago and I LOVE it. I had always threatened that I had better never be given a kitchen appliance for a birthday or Mothers Days day but I asked for one of these specifically and I have had so much use out of it. I very rarely bake the bread in there but use it a lot for dough mixing and proving. We must use it about 3 or 4 times a week.

  9. Yes. Ours gets a fair workout too. I don't think we have the same one but pretty close. mine is probably around the 10yrs mark too and same... Mostly mixing and proving.


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