Monday, June 20, 2011

Fracking for Beginners

I was pointed in the direction of this great video to help explain fracking.

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  1. Hi BM,

    I watched the 4 corners clip that you put up on your last fracking post, and I was truly dismayed and angry about the way the Qld government and gas company are treating the local farmers, residents and the environment.

    The toxic chemicals that they are pumping into the water table will destroy the entire Great Artisian Basin, which trillions of life-forms rely upon.

    Greed, lies and profit is all that seems to matter in the here and now, with little forethought for future generations. We are stuffed.

    Gav x

  2. Gav, the scary thing is it is not just Queensland. It is happening here in Western Australia also.

    It is also frightening that about 600 tanker loads of water are needed to drill the fracture in the first place!

    Why do they do this? How can the governments not see that all of this is so wrong?!

  3. The first thing I ever heard of fracking was a movie I got out of the video shop (believe it or not) and it is called GASLANDS. Next thing I heard this stuff was happening here. WTF. I have shared the movie Gaslands quite a few times to get peoples interest peaked.

    1. Gasland is an incredible movie. I still don't understand how people can say it is safe. It blows me away.


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