Sunday, June 12, 2011


Normally a Saturday night at home would involve a fun, no-brainer movie with a few giggles (and some chocolate). Last night was a little different. Last night we watched Gasland.

It left me with a mixture of sadness, anger and frustration.

It is as though the people in the positions of power think believe that there is not a problem if it in not happening in their community. The companies do not take responsibility for gas and other toxins in household drinking water that was uncontaminated before the nearby fracking started. People are having to prove that the fracking caused this rather than the companies proving that it didn't. We all know it did. Some of the companies are even trucking in fresh drinking water for some of the families but they are still not admitting that they have caused the problem.

Although this evidence is out there for the world to see, Australia have still decided to go ahead with this practise. This is already happening in Western Australia and in areas close to homes.

"While the process is banned in France and parts of the US, Canada and South Africa, "fracking" - where sand, chemicals and millions of litres of water are blasted underground to rupture rock and release trapped gas - is happening in WA."

In a country where water is such a valuable resource, the governments are allowing fracking. Not only does this contaminate the drinking water (with hundreds of chemicals drilled down into the coal seam that then seep back into the water) but also 400 to 600 truckloads of water are needed for each hole to be drilled. 

Four Corners report.

When there are so many renewable, sustainable, safer energy options available, why is this allowed to happen? 

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  1. Thanks, great post! I also watched the doco a few weeks ago when SBS played it at 1030pm on a Saturday night (what a terrible time slot for it!). I had similar reactions. It really highlights the fact that we trust and rely on politicians to look after us, but often they just look after their own interests (ie by changing the oil and gas legislation to exempt such operations from the clean water act in the US). We need to start paying attention and questioning decisions. Stop assuming that politicians and corporations are objective and will always do the right thing. Get a little bit paranoid, or things are going to change before we know it.

    Did you buy the dvd? download? (or can't say!), just wondering so other people know how to get hold of it.

  2. Farmer Liz, you are so right. We trust government so often thinking that they will look after 'our' (the voters) rights. But we don't have all the money!
    I managed to find this at the local video shop. I must admit there was only one copy and no-one was fighting me for it but I must say it was great to see it in a suburban shop. I don't know why so many of these docos aren't shown on primetime TV.


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