Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cooking Seasonally

Our little Saturday morning jaunts to the local Farmers' Markets have become a regular part of out weekend. Everyone knows that by getting out of bed and dressed, they will be rewarded with a yummy breakfast of something other than toast or Weet-bix.

Although the weather was a tad on the chilly side, two of us organised ourselves onto bikes and headed over. Our regular organic supplier was there and didn't disappoint with a great selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables. I love the winter vegetable in particular because just looking at them makes me think of warming soups and stews. When I heard one lady ask for a cauliflower to be cut in half, I knew the other half was meant for me.

So cauliflower soup in now simmering on the stovetop ready for tonight's dinner.

Luckily the bakery had a great loaf that would be the perfect accompaniment. (I know I should have made my own, but I like to think on these little occasions that I am helping support small business).

The soup turned out to be average at best. Any wonderful cauliflower soup recipes would be greatly appreciated.


  1. We are just starting our summer season here in Canada, and I have been going to the market every week as well! This week we got pea greens, asparagus, spinach, and lots of herbs! My favourite time of the season is fall as well, I just love the look of all of the squashes and root veggies! Makes you feel warm inside just thinking about them!


  2. I love all the fresh broccoli and cauliflowers hanging out at the farmers markets at the moment. So much fresher than a supermarket one. And soup? That sounds like the business!

  3. *chuckle* that's exactly what I tell myself when I buy something rather than make it from scratch! both are important, I'd wager!!

  4. Brenna, fresh asparagus is one of my all time favourite vegetable. Yum-a-licious. I have some spinach growing at the moment and love that too.
    I hope the new kitchen is getting a good workout.

    CHFG, oh yes, broccoli too. I love how the farmers' market veg feels all hard and crunchy, like it has only just been picked.
    It is certainly soup weather. I know I should have made a sourdough loaf but ...

    Dmarie, certainly. It also helps me justify chocolate when I see that it is Fair Trade. ; )


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