Thursday, August 1, 2013

For the love of pie.

I love a great food autobiography. A Homemade Life (blog) and My Berlin Kitchen (blog) both fit into this category and I had been on the lookout for another when I came across Making Piece (blog).

I wont go into the story as you can find a lot of reviews and videos online for that.

I must say that reading the book certainly got the pie juices flowing and as I finished reading on a chilly Sunday afternoon I closed the book and headed straight for the kitchen.

My mum was bought up on a farm with its own orchard so as children, my sister and I never really had any of the frozen pies from the super market. Ours were always make from scratch and tasted amazing.

I followed this recipe which is included in the back of the book and started with the pastry. This would normally involve a food processor but following Beth's 'orders' in went the hands.

The flour, butter and vegetable shortening ready for me to make a start.
It all came together beautifully.

The dough divided into two, ready to be rolled into the top and bottom of the pie.

Bottom rolled and ready for the filling.

One of Beth's timesaving tips is to slice the apples straight onto the pie crust.

Ready for the oven.

Don't you just love that teatowel!


I love that feeling of satisfaction that comes from making something like this from scratch. The pie, along with some homemade custard, was dessert for Sunday night as well as breakfast for a few mornings this week.

What's your favourite pie filling?

Take care


  1. Thanks for popping over and leaving a lovely comment on my blog. I love the look of your pie and pastry always scared me however I've made it this year but I've never made a pie including the apples from scratch, just used "pie apple" in a tin. I might have to make one real soon while winter is still here. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

    1. Thanks for saying hello. You MUST try a pie from scratch. It is sooo delicious and you will be so proud of yourself.
      These links might help you.
      Take care


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