Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Three Weeks That Were

Nursing a gastro patient and then becoming one myself was not what I had planned for the last few weeks, especially as I had a fabulous visitor who had made the trip half way around the world to come and see us.

Things have been moving along and I am now getting back into the swing of things.

I have managed to read this, this and this.

Started knitting this.

Received this great book as a giveaway from Brenna, and as a result, made this amazing soup.

Had a craving for baked rice pudding.

I'm now thinking about making these to use up the left over egg whites.

I am also continuing on the sourdough adventure after buying a copy of this book. I love that it comes with a DVD so I am able to really see how some of the techniques work. I started 2 days ago but it all seems to be coming along really well.

Sprouts are on the go again as I feel a real need for heaps of vitamins after the recent illness.

The weather is starting to cool and I have already made a trip to Humama, the best second hand clothes shop I have ever seen. Purchases have been made and these seem to be doing the job of keeping out the cold. Photos will be coming in the next day or so.

Take care


  1. Glad your back on the blog wave, and all better in the house, rice pud looks yummo!!

  2. Thanks, Jen. It is good to be back. Rice pudding was delicilous and I have just finished it cold as a morning snack.

  3. I just made my first loaf of sourdough bread. I cheated a bit and used the bread machine and a tsp of yeast, but the bread was fabulous. Not really sour, but I understand that will come as the starter ages. We'll see.

    I'm going to try and do a post on it and green tomato ketchup tonight.

  4. How exciting, Mary! Nothing quite as wonderful as pulling a loaf of freshly baked bread from the over (or bread machine). "Cheating" is good. I found I wasn't very confident about it when I first started but the loaves always rose. It is amazing how the taste of the bread will change the older your starter gets.
    The starter I am making at the moment is very different to the one I made before. My previous starter was very runny and this one will be more like a dough. I should be able to get a loaf out of it this weekend.
    Looking forward to reading about the green tomato ketchup.

  5. I am so happy that you like the book so far! I haven't tried that recipe from my book yet, but it looks delicious on the link! Glad you are back, I missed your posts.


  6. Brenna, it is so great to be back.
    Thanks so much for the book. I am LOVING it! The soup was amazing, especially with the lemon juice and salty feta.

  7. We've had a round of that too... hope you are fully recovered and can enjoy the good food!

  8. Feeling much better thanks, Dixiebelle.
    Your garden is looking amazing. It must be so satisfying.

  9. Glad you are feeling better and i loved the book theif such an interesting read, although it did take a bit to get into.

  10. Welcome back. I'm so pleased you're feeling better. Gastro is a mean old thing.
    The rice pudding looks delicious!!

  11. Fiona, thanks. Yes, I agree it was a little tricky to get into. I found the beginning a bit strange. It had me crying at the end though.

    Joy, it was a pretty mad little bug, that one. It had me housebound for a week.
    The pudding is one to definitely make again, next time with less sugar.

  12. Wow, you seem to have been very busy considering you've been nursing others back to health and been sick yourself. I've been looking for a simple knitting pattern to try my hand at, I think the one you linked to looks just the ticket. I've copied it, let's see if I can get it done now.

  13. Thenewgoodwife, it is amazing how much reading you can do when you don't leave bad for 3 days - in between Nanna napping.
    That pattern in really easy and with the help of YouTube I managed to get all of the new-for-me stitches sorted out. I just need to get organized enough to finish it now.


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