Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eating Seasonally

Those who grow their own food or buy from farmers' markets know about the fabulous tastes and textures of seasonal food. Food that has evolved to feed our bodies the nutrients needed at particular times of the year. The leafy, watery produce of the summer months that provide much needed fluid for hydration, and the dense root vegetables filled with the energy to keep us warm through the winter months.

Parsnips are a winter vegetable I haven't had much to do with in the past, but after looking through Hugh and settling on a creamy parsnip soup for dinner, the results have me wondering why I had overlooked it for so long. A sprinkling of toasted slivered almonds onto this sweet and creamy soup made for a meal that will certainly help keep out the 2 degree temperature.

Now that I am a parsnip convert, I would love to know how other people cook with them. I have had baked parsnip and love it but apart from today's soup, that it about it. Also, I am thinking these would be a great addition to the vege garden next year. Are these easy to grow?

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  1. ashamed to say that I've never eaten a parsnip! but just the idea of "creamy parsnip soup" makes me think I definitely need to look for them next time I'm at the supermarket!

  2. Dmarie, the soup was definitely worth it. We even had a few dollops of creme fraiche on top.

  3. I'm a recent convert too. I haven't yet been too adventurous (Mr Good is still getting there with parsnips, but I'll persevere). I add them to the roast vegies when I'm cooking a roast leg of lamb or chicken or bake them as you mentioned. But my personal favourite is what we call (in this house) a multi mash. Instead of just mashed potato with combine pumpkin, potato and parsnip with some butter, a little milk and salt and pepper. Perfect with a hearty stew, casserole or ragu.

    I haven't grown them either, but I have seeds ready to go and have high hopes for future parsnip harvests.

  4. Mrs Good, multi mash sounds delicious. I also added parsnip to a roasted root vegetable frittata last week.
    Looking forward to seeing how your seeds go. Your beetroots look fab.


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