Sunday, November 20, 2011

Some New Hugh

Yesterday I was truly excited to see a Book Depository white envelope waiting for me on top of the letter box. On my trip to the UK a few weeks ago I stumbled across a new Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall book, River Cottage Veg Everyday. I could easily go on and on (and on and on ...) about the wonders of Hugh. While in the bookshop I looked at my hand luggage and realised there was no possible way anything else would squeeze into the backpack.

With a ginger tea in one hand and the envelope in the other, I got myself comfortable on the bed ready to acquaint myself with Hugh's latest offering. Being vegetarian I was particularly excited about this one, and he didn't disappoint.

Each section starts with an introduction that must be read in Hugh's voice. (I'm sure he is speaking directly to me).

There is a wonderful selection of recipes including stews, warm salads, raw salads and bread based meals, and over a third of these are suitable for vegans.

I am planning to have a go at the chard and ricotta tart for dinner one night this week, and I think the carrot, orange and cashew salad could do for a lunch.

Well, off to read a little more and make a shopping list for the next few days.

My only question is, where did his hair go?

Take care


  1. I was trawling through this book only last week at my sister-in-laws place. It's fantastic. Yum, the tart and the salad sound delicious. It's on my book list. I look forward to seeing what you whip up from it.

  2. I had grand plans of spending the week cooking but had forgotten we are off to Weimar for a couple of days.
    It is such a lovely book.
    Gotta love Hugh.

  3. Yeah, I wondered where his hair had gone too! I liked his crazy shag.

  4. Made a good dozen of the recipes. just yum :)
    P.S. i didn't know that anyone else in perth had ever heard of river cottage :P obviously we are just talking to the wrong people!

    1. I love Hugh. He is my 'other boyfriend'. He just doesn't know it.
      I have quite a few of his books and have lent some of the videos to a friend who is now also in the Hugh fanclub.
      Which ones have you made?


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