Monday, November 14, 2011

I Want to Eat Like an Orangutan

As Berlin Zoo is the oldest zoo in Germany we thought we should pay it a visit.

it was lovely to see animals that we hadn't seen at the Perth Zoo and spent a few hours wandering around the grounds.

I wont go into detail about this zoo, and zoos in general, but I did find something I thought was interesting to share.

At the end of the orangutan enclosure was a great display showing the huge amounts of nutritious, fresh fruits and vegetables these beautiful animals are fed. These was a great range of colours and an interesting variety of flavours.

Then we turned around to see the human food that was on offer.

These were directly opposite the orangutan display.

I think I would rather be fed like and orangutan.

Take care.


  1. Oh no that would be funny if not a true story!!

  2. Haha! Great post!

  3. Just call me a monkey, fruit and veg for me please. I wonder how many people made the connection?

  4. Haha that is so true! I also think about how many people protest how we raise cattle (myself included), but then willingly get into the long, winding express line up at Wal Mart that reminds me of a cattle chute, only it is lined with chocolate bars and other terrible foods to impulse purchase while you wait to be herded to the cashiers. Sigh, we really have a long way to go sometimes.

  5. Oh I think I would much rather eat like an orangutan as well!

  6. Jen, pretty scary, I know.

    Good Old Housewife, thanks.

    Fiona, I'll pass you a banana.

    Brenna, too true.

    CHFG, shall we share an orange?

  7. He he me too, please. How amazing and startling!

  8. Interesting observation on your part! So true.


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