Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Taste the Waste

I have just come across the trailer to the documentary, Taste the Waste.

I thought this needed sharing.

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  1. OMG, that is scarey wicked waste, we have had a ad here at the moment where it is estimated every household in NSW wastes a $1000 a year on food, hate waste, with so many starving.....

  2. Jen, it certainly is frightening. I also feel for the people who put so much time, energy and money into producing food, only to have it thrown out.
    I will be keeping my eye out for this movie.

  3. it makes me ill! another great documentary is a French called the Gleaners...our library has the DVD. It's by Agnes Varda(I think)and shows how ppl have always picked up the left-overs from harvest and even how ppl use the treasures they find on the verges when the council has their big pick-up days.
    Bruised fruits and vegies can be trimmed and used, use-by dates can be ignored on so many products. Eat your left-overs for lunch or freeze them, use them to extend the next meal or even compost them but don't throw them away as if they have no value :*(

  4. Thanks for sharing this! Even the trailer makes a good point, without seeing the rest of the movie, it is our commercial systems that create this waste, if we were producing our own food we could manage the excess by preserving, freezing and sharing, but when imperfect fruit and vegs just get thrown out we have no opportunity to use them.

  5. Time we as consumers stopped demanding perfect looking food so that farmers could sell all their crops - sounds like a win win to me. Now we just need Coles and Woolies (in Australia) to hear this message. Either that or all start shopping at farmers markets. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you for sharing! That is an important issue, and like The Story of Stuff, I think it should be shown in schools etc.

  7. thank you for sharing, I'll be sharing on my facebook page - Today is World Food Day

  8. I did a Sunday Rant, a few weeks ago on my blog about food security...but this video says it all. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I hope all is good in Berlin with you. Just a quick hello :)

  10. Sue, I will be keeping my eye out for that doco. Thanks.

    Liz, the waste is certainly sickening. I always feel for the farmers who spend so much time and money to grow food and when it doesn't look right, it just gets thrown away. When are people going to wake up?!

    The New Good Wife, people power certainly needs to change this. The duopoly of the Australian supermarkets is very frustrating. Thank goodness for farmers' markets.

    Dixiebelle, I agree and also think these should be shown in prime time.

    Pam, thanks for passing it on.

    Hazel, I love a good rant. I'm glad you enjoyed the video.

    Joy, all good here. Looks like your break away was wonderful.

  11. I can highly recommend Gleaners too, awesome movie, sad but also enjoyable. Thanks for sharing this one.

  12. Kirsty, I will certainly track it down. Thanks for the recommend. I want to see this one in full too.


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