Monday, April 11, 2011

Lilly Pilly Update Update

Well, it worked, sorta.

I let it drain overnight.

The sugar and lemon was added to the drained off liquid and it started to boil. I had it on the heat for quite a while and slowly I could see that it was thickening, even doing the cold saucer trick.

The finished product is not quite as thick I had planned but it still tastes fabulous.  I will know next time to let it boil a little longer again. It is quite sticky and not as runny as it looks in the photo. I think the lack of pink may be to do with the fact that I used raw sugar (perhaps).

It is all a giant learning experience. I figure that I didn't even know these could be used for anything a month ago and now we have a jar of Lilly Pilly Jelly.

All fun and games.

Take care


  1. That's great. So glad you made the jelly.
    ...and kids and ladders eh :-)

  2. Well done Bruise Mouse. I see the muslin is a beautiful cerise colour, which didn't quite transpire to the end result. I kind of feel responsible, so if I may I'd like to point out a few key points which may be useful for the next time you give the jelly a go. And I must say, I'm relieved to hear you say there will be a next time. Experience and trial and error are the best teacher. I should know. I've been there many times myself. My first batch of lilly pilly jelly was okay, but the following batch was so much better. We live and learn.

    Troubleshooting Tips

    * I notice in your previous post, the cooked lilly pillies whilst stripped of it's colour, did appear still quite whole and not softened. I think the fruit needs more cooking, till softened. Perhaps about forty minutes. Once again; I notice I haven't actually listed a recommended time for the cooking of the fruit, so I feel a bit guilty. I shall have to add that to the method in my procedure. What I did with my most recent lilly pilly jelly, was cook it for twenty minutes - take off the heat and mash with a potato masher - return to heat for another twenty minutes. By doing this, you are releasing the pectin in the fruit, adding extra flavour and removing any bit of colour left on the fruit. I did this for the first time with my purple cherry jelly and the jell setting was firm. So I'd definitely recommend you do that next time.

    * refrain from using raw sugar. I do think you need to use the white; granule or castor, but not a brown or raw. You're right - it impacts on the colour.

    * If you worry about the jell setting, take your pot off the heat and test it. If it's not right, keep boiling. It won't hurt it to remove from the heat while you do the jell test.

    * If you like you can add a chopped up green apple to the lilly pilly fruit before cooking. If your apple is early season and not long picked - that would be ideal. The pectin level would be high which helps to give a firmer jell. Don't throw anything away - use the whole apple, skin, core and seeds. I also did this with my last batch of lilly pilly jelly. The set was firm.

    Anyhow, I hope some of this helps. I love how you say one month ago you didn't know you could use this fruit and now you have Lilly Pilly Jelly. That's exactly how I felt.

    Lilly pilly jelly lends itself really well to savoury foods. A friend recently tried some of mine with turkey and she really liked it. Which was great, because prior she didn't like this jelly - she didn't think it suited scones, etc. But it's all taste - my other friend thinks it goes beautifully with scones; so there you go. My favourite use that is really popular with my family is to cook lamb chops till done to your liking. Take some paper towel and wipe away as much fat as possible. Return the chops to the frypan and add two heaped teaspoons of lilly pilly jelly. Cook for a couple of minutes and you get the most wonderful glaze on your meat. It's a winner. Have fun coming up with your own ways of using your homemade jelly. Mariana.

  3. CHFG, I'm really glad I gave it a go. Will certainly do it again.

    TMKW, what an amazing comment. Thanks so much for all of the tips.I will definitely give if another go. I wasn't sure about how long to boil them up so I will certainly mash and keep cooking. I will need to get myself some white sugar.
    These instructions are great. I think I was so excited about giving it a go that I probably rushed through. Patience is not one of my strong suits.
    My parents and family had some with some chicken and said it was nice. Very sweet but nice.
    I can see that I will have the kiddies up the ladder again on the weekend.
    Thanks so much for all of you advice. I will keep you updated. : )

  4. Another thing about the sweetness. If you think it was too sweet, try adding three quarters of a cup of sugar to one cup of liquid. I did this last time, and the flavour of the fruit came through better. Sometimes the flavour can be lost with the addition of too much sugar. I guess, the thing is when we taste the fruit and it seems to be highly acidic or bitter we think the sugar will strike those things out. It does; but it also takes away the flavour - which we don't want.

  5. Thanks so much for all of your advice. They are such an odd little fruit but so interesting. Can't wait to have another go at it on the weekend. : )


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