Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dinner Inspiration

I love the inspiration you can get from blogs. I was reading about Conscious Earth's love of falafel and all of the ideas for dinner changed. We had to have pittas and falafel.

I have made a few other flat breads in the past but have never tackled the pitta. I followed this recipe and was not disappointed with the results.

Falafel is something that I had always made from a packet. I had been thinking that there couldn't be too much to it, so after a few minutes of researching I was amazed with how incredibly simple it was to make from scratch. I can't believe I had never made it before. The ingredients in this recipe are so basic that I managed to have all of them in the house.


It was all delicious and with some salad, fetta and yoghurt it was one of the most delicious dinners we had eaten in a long time.

Give it a try. Yum.

Take care.


  1. I am so glad you tried it! Your pita look delicious!

    Brenna :)


  2. They look delicious. I love how food posts can subtly influence other peoples dinners.
    I had falafels and pitta on the weekend as well because of blogs :-)

  3. Hi Brenna
    Thanks so much for the inspiration. It was delicious. So yummy on a warm night.

    cityhippyfarmgirl, SNAP on the falafel and pitta. Great minds are inspired alike.

  4. I think this looks fabulous - but will I be brave enough to try it? I think so.

  5. DD, it is so easy I even surprised myself. I made the dough in the breadmaker on the dough cycle so I know that I cheated a little. I couldn't believe it had taken me this long to get around to making.

  6. Fancy already having the ingredients to make a new recipe. Way to go. Your falafels looks great, but the bread has really caught my eye. How impressive. I particularly like your third photo from the top. There is such an earthiness about it; loads of texture too - really nice.

  7. TMKW, thanks.I figure having falafel on the weekend was meant to be, being that I had it all. Also the ingredients were super basic.
    I must say, that bread is amazing. I think next time I would put one cup of wholemeal flour with the 2 cup of plain, just for a bit more texture. So yummy and easy, and the kids loved them.


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