Sunday, March 13, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Mine is looking very sad at the moment.

We have had a fairly hot and dry summer here so not much has survived. The weather has also caused my enthusiasm to wane. It certainly is time to pull out the remnants of the vegetables and prepare the beds with some of our lovely homemade compost.

In the meantime, I was recently given a stirfry kit and with a burst of motivation felt it was time to undo the box and get planting.

Although it is not the right season for all of these seeds, patience is not something I am know for. The little seed packets contain enough for a year's worth of growing so a quarter of each packet went into the planter.

As with any seeds that are planted around here, I eagerly await the first little sprouts to break through the soil.

My next job is getting into the front vegetable beds. A much bigger job requiring a lot more motivation. The Gardenate email will certainly get me going in the right direction.

What are you growing?

Take care


  1. We are still harvesting the Summer stuff (beans, tomatoes, squash, capsicum, sunflower seeds, zuchini, basil, chillies, spaghetti vegetable, maybe some pumpkins soon), but also preparing and planting out the cooler weather things too (swede, turnip, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, bok choy, beetroot, carrot, radish, broad beans, kohl rabi etc.)! Do I sound a little vegetable crazy!!??!!

    Good luck & I think it's awesome about the homemade compost... I hope we have some from our (neglected) compost tumbler too!

  2. We are having better luck now that it a bit cooler than we had in summer. The tomatoes have come back to life and the cucumbers and zucchinis are doing really well now. We are picking corn and lot's of beans. We are getting some of the empty beds ready for our winter crops with compost and manure being added. We haven't tried spaghetti squash before. Does it take much room?

  3. I can understand that lack of patience in the garden, it's darn exciting watching those tiny green tips emerge from the soil.
    I've got pumpkins in a pot trying to grow, bless them. They emerged from the worm castings, and are ambitiously trying to flower.

  4. Here in KY we are getting ready for the first spring planting! Of course it just snowed day before yesterday, but the old folks will tell you that means its time to sow grass seeds then potatoes.

    As soon as the seeds arrive I'm planting cole crops.

  5. Dixiebelle, that all sounds amazing. It is fabulous to be able to watch all that is happening in your garden. You certainly do sound vegetable crazy, but crazy in a good way.
    I really love the homemade compost. I don't remember the last time I bought tomato seeds or seedlings. These keep just popping up. I love it.

    Linn, I had wanted to get our winter beds ready today but it didn't happen. The intention was good as I managed to buy the sheep manure but it is still sitting in bags next to the garden beds. Better luck after work one night this week. Oh, i love corn. Ours didn't seem to work too well. Will certainly try again though.

    cityhippyfarmgirl, so wonderful to see you back in blogland after your little monkey's accident.
    I love those little surprise plants you get from worms and compost.

    Mary, I love the advice you get from older folks. I love that it doesn't come from a book but comes from year after year of actually doing.
    What is cole?


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