Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Beginning Knitter

I by no means consider myself a knitter. I can knit a line. I can purl a line. If I am really concentrating I can knit 1 purl 1. Don't ask me to increase, decrease or slip stitches. Even with my incredible basic knowledge I must say, I love it. Perhaps it is the 'nanna' element that is so comforting. And of course, a cup of tea is an essential accompaniment.

I was reintroduced to the art of knitting by one of my best friends a few years ago after she decided to get back into it. Her mother had always been a veracious knitter and was always known to have a project or to 'on the pins'.

With my limited skills comes limited projects. Scarves are always good, and with careful choosing of a thick wool can be completed relatively quickly.

On my quest to stop buying things that are thrown away after limited use I've been knitting up a few cotton dish cloths. It is so relaxing and doesn't involve a lot of brain power. Once I get into it, the process seems to become fairly automatic. There are no embellishments or fancy patterns. Just knit a row, turn it over, knit another row.  I would certainly like to make my way up to something like this, but at the moment the super basic version does the job just right.

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  1. I like to crochet dishcloths or something when I am in the same room with tv watchers, that way I can be sociable and I don't feel like I'm held hostage by a program I most likely wouldn't watch by choice! And what is that saying? Idle hands are the devil's workshop? Its a good thing to do. Knit!

  2. Mary, I am thinking that crochet might be the way to go. It must be a little easier to deal with one hook rather than two needles? Yes?
    I find knitting also works for car trips but I just need to be careful that I don't end up motion sick. : (


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