Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday in the Garden

It always feels so rewarding to spend some time in the garden. I have barely put a dent in my 'to do' list but thankfully still feel as though I have accomplished something today.

The broad beans are looking good. I can't wait to crack open those furry pods and get into the beans.

The tomatoes have been staked up a little better so the sunlight should see these gorgeous green fruit start turning a luscious red pretty soon.

Delicious greens with a new layer of sheep manure added. They are just waiting for the fresh straw layer to be added.

The lemon tree I planed out the front a few months ago is starting to look a little more promising and a little less stick-like. Some sheep manure and lovely homemade compost was dug in around the base. Fingers crossed these little buds will transform themselves into fruit.

The strawberries are fruiting. I have never tried growing strawbs before so an pretty delighted with what is happening. More straw needs to be added to this bed too.

I have been lucky to have some more great compost surprises. Compost added to the base of one of the fruit trees a few weeks ago saw a great crop of tomato seedling. These will be sent out into the world later this week as part of Sow Give Grow.

A few tomatoes were planted out in some polystyrene boxes that I found. A basil plant was also moved to keep them company as these are great companion plants.

I turned my back on the dwarf apricot tree for a matter of seconds (okay, weeks) and I have come back to find nearly a dozen fruit on it. Last year two fruit were harvested but this was while we where in Berlin. Apparently these were delicious.

The blueberries are starting to fruit too.

On the weekend we generally let the girls have a go at other parts of the yard. This is when we can keep an eye on them and check that they aren't getting into anything they shouldn't. I pulled out a few spinach plants that weren't doing too well and these were devoured very quickly leaving only the soil covered roots ready to be added to the latest compost. I can't wait to see what sort of eggs we get his this. Yum.

How is your garden going?

Take care


  1. The vege garden/pots looks wonderful, my herb pots are thriving too with all this lovely warm weather....its so lovely to have Basil back I miss him during

    1. HI, Jen. I am really looking forward to the basil getting established. Homemade basil pesto is so delicious. Glad yours are coming along nicely too. ; )

  2. I found years ago - and quite accidently - that basil and tomatoes and red roses grow beautifully together. I used to pick the basil and cherry tomatoes and then pan fry them with an onion or a leek and then toss through pasta and have with a lovely salad for dinner - mmmm. Love Basil. Glad your Broad Beans look so good - just read on another site that their whole crop has to be terminated early becasue of rust. Well done. Cheers, Wendy

    1. Wow, Wendy. What an interesting combination with the rose petals.
      I am really happy with how that broad beans are coming along. I was just reading about rust over at Greening of Gavin so I think I will be out there tomorrow having a closer look. ; )


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