Tuesday, October 2, 2012

At the Royal Show

Being the first week of the October school holidays, the Perth Royal Show is up and running. It is that time of year when any Perth child can tell you the price and contents of every show bag and which rides in sideshow alley are scary but not too scary.

(I think I am showing my age when the two exciting purchases for the day were a jar of chutney and two CWA tea towels.)

I spent a lovely three hours yesterday as an Earthcarer volunteer in the Landcare area (map E7) talking to so many interesting people about trying to reduce the amount of waste our households produce.

(I have borrowed this photo from their Facebook page)

The stall includes worm farms, wicking beds, using materials found in bulk rubbish, a small pallet garden and games for the kiddoes.

I spent most of the time yesterday talking about wormfarming and compost. Most people were interested but didn't quite know where to start, which is such a huge barrier. It can be daunting to change a habit of a lifetime. With a little reassurance and some information, I hope they left with a little more interest.

I am back there again tomorrow so I will remember to take some photos to give you more of a look around.

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  1. Sounds like a very interesting day. Thanks for reminding me about reducing waste. It's one thing I am trying to work on at home with our family. It's a bit hard at times when a lot of items are so heavily packaged!

    1. Reducing waste certainly is tricky, Linn. I think we even need to change the way we view waste. We need to think of it as a resource. Food scraps are great for worms, chickens and compost, newspaper and cardboard is also great for worms and compost. Instead of thinking "how do I get rid of this?" I try to think, "How can I use this?"
      Little by little. 😄


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