Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ladybird, ladybird...

don't fly away home. Please stay on the lime tree.

We have been having a bit of an issue with bugs (aphids I am presuming) taking up residence on the lime tree. Having tried a few homemade concoctions which worked for a while, we were starting to get a little frustrated. The rocket in the front garden had gone to seed and it was time to get something new in that space. When the old plants were pulled out, I noticed quite a few ladybird on the leaves. These gorgeous garden-helpers were transferred to the troubled lime tree and have been munching away all afternoon.

I hadn't realised that there were so many types of ladybirds.

These beautiful bugs always make me giggle when I think of the scene from A Bug's Life when the fly thinks that Francis the ladybird must be a girl. I have to remind myself that there have to be male ladybirds out there, otherwise we wouldn't have any baby ladybirds.

How do you deal with pests in the garden?

Take care

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  1. I try to take the long term view of constantly enriching the habitat for beneficial insects, like ladybeetles, so that they thrive in my garden. Planting a Good bug Mix of different flowers helps too. This is a good start on the habitat idea


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