Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Another Day at the Royal Show

I was back at the Perth Royal Show for another day at the Earthcarers stall and what a great day!

The weather was much milder and it was so lovely to spend time talking to interested and interesting people about reducing waste. As I said before, it seems that so many people are wanting to live more sustainably, but have a barrier of not knowing where to start.

So here is a look around the Earthcarers stall.

 One of the Earthcarer mascots, made completely of reused materials.

 Another mascot in the backgraound. The face is made of an ironing board so the legs of the board can be moved to open and close the mouth.
The wicking bed in the middle has been made of materials found in bulk rubbish, as were the esky gardens in the front.

 Here are a couple of the worm farm options: the front one is a DIY polystyrene option and the other being a commercial farm.
(Doesn't every wheelbarrow need a knitted cover?!)

A game for kiddoes to categorise waste.

E-waste display.

The fridge wormfarm. This really got a lot of people interested.
(A great step-by-step here, just scroll down the page a little.)

The solar oven. This was one of my highlights. We tried cooking a cake and were off to a great start but then the clouds closed in and the rain started to fall. Oh, well.

At the end of my shift I went for quick look around some of the other exhibitions. I had been to the dogs and poultry displays on Monday but knew what else I wanted to see.

The baking and preserves!



Fruit cake!

And the cake decorating.

What an amazing cake. It is an hanging, tiered wedding cake.

Feeling peckish, and a little uninspired by most of the fast food options, I stumbled across a gozleme stall on its own, away from the other food outlets. I was filled with excitement knowing that I could have a freshly made, vegetarian snack full of real ingredients. And what else do you do when eating a piping hot gozleme? Watch sheep dogs, of course.

It was a great afternoon and I didn't even have to set foot in sideshow alley to have a fabulous time.

Take care


  1. wow heaps of scone and fruit cake entries. My heart breaks for all those fruit and decorated cakes with no ribbon. They are so much work I almost feel like each and every one deserves a high achievement. The preserves look amazing too. Thanks for showing - I spend ages perusing these sections of my local show, not to mention seeing how I went of course. Did you enter any section?

    1. Everything looked so delicious. So many people have amazing skills and it is so lovely to see so many of these gorgeous cakes and delicious looking preserves in one place. I would love to get to a regional show to see what it on offer.
      No, I didn't enter anything. Much more of a spectator.


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