Friday, May 25, 2012

Pedal to the Metal

of my Janome.

A few months ago, in the heat of summer, I realised that I didn't have a hat that fit my head. It's not that enormous, but store bought hats just don't seem to be big enough to fit comfortably. This need reminded me that I had bought a pattern for a bucket hat when we visited Japan two years ago.

Drawing the outline for the hat is a bit of a puzzle in itself. The sewing lines are drawn first for one sixth of the hat and then you need to turn the plastic piece around, 60 degrees at a time, to form the 'petals' of the hat. For each of the sewing lines drawn, cutting lines are also needed and a great plastic circle is included to make sure your seem is 10cm.

These would have to be the straightest lines I have ever drawn for a pattern. My attempts with paper patterns generally result in lines that look as though they have been drawn by a two year old.

This is done for the outside piece as well as the lining. Once the pieces are cut, the sides are sewn to form the bucket. The inside and outside pieces are then sewn right sides together with a small gap to turn and topstitch.

This hour long project has left me with a hat that fits my head perfectly and also folds down easily to fit in my bag.

Please remember that this is not intended as a tutorial as the Clover plastic pattern is necessary for this hat.

After a quick search, I have found some patterns that may inspire a bit of sewing.
Sew Much Ado Toddler Hat
Simplicity Misses' Bucket Hat
Martha Stewart Reversible Hat
Lorenna Buck Sun Hat
Kitsch Bitsch Denim Hat (You need to subscribe to the mailing list to get access to this pattern)

I haven't tried any of these patterns myself but thought they looked great.

I am also hoping to get a little more sewing done and make this great bag. I have make it a few times now and am always happy with the end result.

Take care

Here are two other patterns I found
One Pattern Piece Reversible Hat (This is similar to the style of mine as there is no separate brim)
Reversible 40s Inspired Sun Cap


  1. Wow, how cool is your new Hat! Well done. I've never thought to make a Hat before but some of those patterns look pretty enticing. Thanks for the Links. :)

    1. Hey, Mrs Jam, the Clover pattern was really easy. I have tried one before that I had to add a brim to and had a bit of trouble with it. This was a pleasure to work with.
      There are heaps of kiddy hats out there that you could make too.
      I hope you have a go. I would love to see the results.

  2. No you are not the only one who has issues with hats. Thos patterns look great.

    1. Why does it always look so easy on the pattern but when it is all cut out, there is no way the prices will fit together?

  3. looks good, I can never find a hat to fit over my hair :) might be a good project to use up some of my fabric stash...


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