Sunday, May 20, 2012

Assembling My Dalek Army

This year I have undertaken a bit of study and decided to do a Diploma of Sustainability. I'm not really sure what I want to do at the end, but needed a bit of a change in direction.

The current assignment involved designing and implementing a program the supports a behavioural change. I have decided to go with a topic that I am really passionate about; composting. For my assignment I am hoping to change the behaviour of five households and get them to eliminate all food scraps from their kerbside collection.

This is where my Dalek Army comes in.

In the weeks leading up to the assignment I kept my eyes out on Gumtree, the Quokka and even bulk rubbish pickups, and managed to collect five preloved bins for less than the cost of one new bins.

Asking people to undertake this sort of change could have been a little tricky but being able to tell them that I had everything ready to go made it a little easier.

With the barrier of 'not having a bin' sorted, I am now going to each household armed with a bin, newspaper, straw, food scraps, cow manure and some of my own compost to help select a site and get the program started.

It is interesting that when I was trying to find people to be my guinea pigs participants, quite a few said that it was something they had thought about but weren't really sure how to get it started. With the chance to get someone to come and help them take the first steps, all four people I approached said yes straight away. My fifth 'composter' overheard one of the conversations and actually asked to join!

There are so many great sites out there offering suggestions on how to get started, but I am a big fan of these girls.

Each of us has some amazing skills that can be passed on to others. Perhaps you could see if a friend if they need a hand getting a compost bin started. Help them overcome that first hurdle of not knowing how to start.

One setup complete, four to go.

Take care

I have just returned from the morning school run and managed to score another bin in the bulk rubbish collection. Woohoo!


  1. have converted a good friend of mine and was inspecting her lovely compost today. Sounds like a great course.

    1. I love the smell of healthy compost.
      The course is going well. If only I knew what I wanted to do when I grow up!

    2. oh I'm still waiting to find that out too, much better to stay young anyway.

  2. oh my goodness. So much activity here and I haven't been for a little while. So much to catch up on. Congratulations on the Sustainability study it sounds wonderful. Ok, I'm off to finish reading but welcome back. i missed your posts. x

    1. It feels great being back behind the keyboard. Things have been ticking away here for the past few months, but I had just lost that blogging mojo.
      The study is going well. It is only 3 hours a week but it is amazing how I still have trouble getting assignments done on time!
      I was planning on emailing you in the next few days with a 'chair' related question. I found a great old style kitchen chair in the bulk rubbish and the feet could probably do with replacing. I'll take a photo and email you soon.
      I have been following your photographic adventures and loving your gorgeous images.

    2. Oh thank you BM. Yes, please do email me the photo I love a chair make over... just wishing for extra time to do more of my own. Well done on the study. 3 hours is manageable but I totally understand your struggle with finding the time....that elusive old thing...time.
      Thanks for the link to the earth carers! I've just signed up for Plastic Free July. What a great resource. look forward to hearing from you :) x

  3. As sad as it is, I'm probably the one that needs help to set up a compost - mine is pathetic and I don't add kitchen scraps because it's not enclosed and I don't want to attract mice or rats. Most of my kitchen waste does go to my worm farm, but they can't get through all of it. Composting is something I keep meaning to get going, one day I'll get to it - perhaps I need to keep an eye out for a free or cheap bin.

    BTW your course sounds fabulous. I'm a bit addicted to studying, and it's been a while since I tackled anything. I have my eyes on a Masters in Education course, but need to work out when and how to fit it in with everything else. Good luck with yours.

    1. I am pretty obsessed with my compost. We have 2 on the go, and as I was lucky to pick up the freebie by the side of the road, a third will soon make its was into my garden. I don't know if you are a member of Freecycle as that is a great source of bits and pieces. You can even put up a 'Wanted' ad.

      The course is very interesting, but I find Thursday afternoons a bit of a struggle.
      : )

  4. wow, so many posts recently, I can't keep up with you!

    This is such a great idea, I hope the people that you help will help some more people and eventually everyone will be composting. I used to think it was hard too, but then I just got a bin and had a go and its not that difficult, I think you're right, getting the bin is one of the hardest parts! Now I wonder/worry why so many people are throwing out compost bins....

    Good luck with your studies, it sounds like you're well on the way already with everything you've put on this blog in the past. Cheers, Liz

    1. This is what happens when I have a break for 3 months!
      The people who have started composting are amazed with how easy it is to get going. I know when i first started it was a bit tricky and involved training the family a little.
      I need to get more organised with study. I am not really a big fan of homework and assignments so I'll need to see how next semester goes. I have two lots of homework and one assignment due by Thursday this week.
      Take care


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