Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This weekend has been the first time that we had let the chooks have free range of the backyard, and they loved it. We were all a little anxious about setting them free as the yard is not entirely secure so decided they needed to be fully supervised, just like toddlers.

Luckily the girls have yet to find any of the gaps through to next door. These will be dealt with this week. 

We had been planning on getting chickens since we were in Germany, so all of the gardening since our return has been me 'preparing' little areas for the chicken to be able to feed. By preparing, I mean, 'Oh, I wont bother weeding that. I'll just leave that for the chooks.'

I could sit for hours in the yard and watch them work their way from garden bed to garden bed. Their behaviours are so interesting, and their antics are hilarious. Each bird has quite a distinctive personality and interactions between the four keep us all in stitches.

Take care


  1. I cannot wait to have chooks! Watching them is so relaxing. :)

    1. I am amazed with how "in love' with these girls we have all become. I could spend hours out there and even find myself having conversations with them. They are starting to get a little more adventurous in the backyard so we will need to sort out a bit of a backyard makeover this weekend.
      : )

  2. Oh, that's something I'd love to do...but not with our dog.... just yet. I'm loving the idea of yours. Yay to you. x

  3. The kiddoes had been hounding us for a pet and we figured that these could pay their way a little. As expected, I have become the general feeder and cleaner of the chickens.
    They are so much fun.

  4. They look like they are enjoying their free ranging.

    1. The girls are getting more confident and just about bowl me over whenever I over the coop door. They're hilarious! : )


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