Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yoghurt and Labna

Yoghurt is one thing that I had always thought was way too hard for me to make. I thought that there must have been some secret trick to getting it to set properly and had always thought that is was safer for me just to stick to the store bought stuff. How wrong I was! Once I had the right tools (mainly a thermometer) and had done a little research on the 'how to' I was away. We now make a batch at least once a week using 2 litres of milk at a time. I usually end up giving one of the jars away to my parents but easily end up with enough for breakfast, smoothies and even to top a curry.

The consistency of homemake yoghurt is quite different to that of yoghurt from the supermarket. It is silky smooth but without being runny. I also love that I don't end up with any plastic yoghurt pots that need to be thrown into the recycling bin.

One thing I haven't made is a while is labna and with a fresh batch of yoghurt made last night I thought it was time to revisit an old favourite. Labna is a yoghurt cheese that is incredibly easy and tastes delicious. I came across a recipe for this about 6 years ago and started making it using yoghurt from the supermarket. There are so many different ways to eat this cheese. You may like it just on its own on a cracker. Sometimes if I have any capsicum relish from Mum, I will combine the two to make a lovely dip. Even on some toast with a sliced tomato is devine.

If you don't feel like giving yoghurt a go you must at least try labna. It is great to take along to a barbecue to impress your friends.

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  1. I'd never go back to store bought yoghurt. I wince at the thought of all the plastic tubs I would have gone through over the years...and love labna too!

    (I made two batches of ricotta yesterday too...)

  2. I was in the supermarket yesterday and was looking at a gourmet yoghurt and it was over $6.00 for the tub! When I am able to get 2 litres of organic milk it is still costs less than that for soooooo much more yoghurt.
    I used the whey from the labna in a loaf of bread, then toasted the bread and smothered with labna, rocket pesto and scrambled egg. Amazing.
    Great about the ricotta. Did you use lemon juice or did you need to use some vinegar too?

  3. Just vinegar for the ricotta.
    Your own bread, labna, rocket pesto and egg...Yum.

  4. I have had success with Easiyo packets and milk powder (using a spoonful of the previous batch), but now that I have fresh cow's milk, my yoghurt is not working! I would appreciated some step-by-step instructions for using milk, even if its supermarket milk...just to get me started! I had to feed my first two attempts to the dogs as it was too runny (but the dogs enjoyed it).

  5. Liz, I used to use the Easiyo packets but I was never really happy with the texture. I used to buy the ** brand when we lived in NZ but can't seem to find it back in Australia.
    Now that I have made it from scratch, I would never go back to the packet version. The texture and taste of the non-packet version is too good.
    I will make a batch a new batch on the weekend and get some instructions up for you. I found that the key for me was to buy a candy thermometer. Once I did that, I never had a problem. I'll show you on the weekend. : )


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