Friday, January 28, 2011

Icecream On My Mind

Now that the hot weather is about to take hold again, pleas for some icecream can be heard throughout the house. I think everyone has cool, delicious desserts on their minds.

I have often been intrigued with icecream makers and thought it would be a great way to design our own flavours and use ingredients that we had carefully selected. The main draw back for me was buying a kitchen appliance that only did one thing.

Last year we visited some dear friends while on a trip away. They gave us a taste of some truly gorgeous icecream and I was gobsmacked when I was given the recipe.  It base of it uses two ingredients and takes less than five minutes to make.

Here goes

600mL whipping cream
1/2 tin condensed milk

Whip the cream until small peaks start to form.
Mix in the condensed milk

Now this is where the fun starts. There are so many options for flavouring. One of our favourites is vanilla so I add about a teaspoon of vanilla paste and mix that through. Being the paste, it has the little black seedy bits right through. Another favourite is to make some hokey pokey first and then break that up and mix it in. If we are feeling a little lazy, breaking up a chocolate bar is also a great option. After blueberry picking just before Christmas we made a great fruity option too.

This recipe doesn't involve any complicated procedures, expensive equipment or dodgy colours, flavours or other added ingredients. (According to Additive Alert p. 53 'white icecream usually contains a couple of colours'.) Whip. Mix. Freeze. Eat.

Thinking about icecream is much more fun than thinking about the fact I have to go back to work on Monday.


  1. don't you just love ice cream! I make a similar one to this with cream and lemon curd/butter. Just mix them together and freeze. It gives a tangy sweet treat.

  2. Lemon curd! That sounds fabulous. And because it has lemon isn't that like having something from the fruit food group?

  3. Yum yum - hokey pokey! I guess Im just a kiwi girl now, because I hear "Hokey Pokey Icecream" and I just start to *drool* :-)

    Yep - my real vanilla icecream was made with sugar instead, because condensed milk is too dangerous to keep in the house - whenever I buy it, half the can seems to disappear before the recipe gets made! ;-)

    Good to see you've got a blog now!

  4. Leanne, I know that you mean about the condensed milk. Although this recipe only uses half a tin, there never seems to be any left to make another batch of icecream. The fridge fairies must get into it.
    ; )


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