Sunday, January 16, 2011

Problem with Plastic

One of the environmental issues that I feel very passionate about is the banning of plastic shopping bags. I think it is fabulous that South Australia have now banned the use of these bags and hope that other Australian states follow.
I was recently at a local supermarket buying some milk when the checkout operator almost robotically went to put this one item in a bag. I should also mention that this one item was of the three litre variety so it already has a handle. The look of shock came across the girl's face when I told her not to bother with a plastic bag.
There are so many alternatives that there is really no reason to need to take plastic bags. Anyone with access to a sewing machine could be cheaply making their own reusable bags. There are some great bag patterns by
Let me know of any other favourite sites with great bag patterns
I thought I would include what I think is one of the best environmental videos.


  1. Thanks for th links for making the bags. I have saved them and will take a very close look at each as I have lots of fabric and am just learning to sew and wanted to make my own bags. Cheers, Wendy

  2. Thanks so much for leaving a comment. I made one that was really similar to the Whip Up pattern on the weekend. It was really easy and would be a perfect to make for a gift.
    Take care
    ; )

  3. The way your groceries are automatically put into a plastic bag is annoying. I have to quickly say "nobagsthanks" as quick as I can get it out before the items are shoved in. It's always followed by a "NO bag??" That's right :-)

  4. It certainly is annoying.
    I was talking to someone about plastic bags the other day and she was saying it would be great if the checkout operators asked if you 'need' a bag. Just using the word 'need' instead of 'want' would hopefully get people thinking. I don't know why supermarkets don't do more of a push to encourage reusable bags. It would save them money!
    I have recently been on a tour of the land fill in my local council. It was incredible how many plastic bags were floating around and strewn around the fences. I think that everyone should need to go on a similar tour as it was a real eye opener.


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