Friday, June 15, 2012

Plastic Free July

It is that time of year again. This was something that I really wanted to get involved in last year but it seemed to coincide with leaving Australia. During a seven hour transit in Kuala Lumpur, it was difficult not to buy a bottle of water.

My annoyance at the consumption of single-use plastic isn't a new topic, in fact it was the topic of the first real post I ever wrote. Not only is the production of single-use straws, cups, cutlery and bags a huge drain on the earth's resources, but the disposal, or just as regularly littering, causes problems on the land, in the oceans and waterways, as well at to so many animals.

Plastic Free July is a great way to commit to reducing your use of plastic. When signing up, you can start with something such as reducing you consumption of plastic in one shopping trip up to an entire month. As usual the Earthcarers think of everything and provide great support for those who feel a little uncertain. I am particularly looking forward to a talk by Jude Blereau on Wholefood Cooking - Plastic Free in a fortnight. No matter where you are, feel free of join. I was just reading that someone from Egypt has joined!

For some, eliminating plastic completely may seem too huge a challenge. Encouraging those around us to reduce their use of these products is a great way to raise their awareness.

I've signed up.

Take care

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  1. I've signed up again, but it was VERY difficult last year, there's some things that you cannot buy without plastic! Especially cheese. Anyway, I will try again, but I think it will be more about being very conscious about plastic use rather than eliminating it completely. Any tips will be much appreciated!!! The main thing I will do is make sure I take my collection of green bags and vege bags with me shopping so that I don't bring home any plastic bags.

    1. It's funny you should mention cheese as that was one of the first things I thought about. I have come up with two possibilities (hopefully). Firstly, I thought I would head into our nearest gourmet deli and see if they can cut a piece off a big piece of cheddar and wrap it in paper for me or I might even take my own container and they can put it in there. The second option is to buy a bigger block, cut it up and freeze in smaller bits. This way you are only dealing with one big bit of plastic rather than lots of wrappers. My guys go through quite a bit of cheese here so I am going to try the deli option. ; )

  2. Sounds good I think I will be doing it too. I have just been to the butcher today to make sure he is fine with me bringing in my own containers. He said it was no issue so I am not sure why I never asked before. I will link back here once I post about it too.


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