Saturday, February 4, 2012

Back in the Swing of Things

We are back to our old sneaky ways here at the Mouse House. Our local farmers' market was celebrating its 1st birthday so we thought it was a perfect time to leave a little gift for someone.

I haven't done much with Sow, Give, Grow in a while as any sort of growing had been a little difficult over the past few months. Hopefully I am now back in the swing of things with some seeds, planted into paper pots, sitting outside germinating.

As the change of season is less than a month away, I was thinking that another Giving Day might be a good idea. I am sure that many of you are getting your autumn or spring seedling ready for the next few weeks. Perhaps you could put one or two aside to join me at the beginning of March. Head over to Sow, Give, Grow and have a look at the previous Giving Days.

It feels good to be sneaky.

Take care


  1. Hope a nuturer found it :)

    1. On our way out we noticed that it had been taken. It would be great if they said 'hello'. Fingers crossed.

  2. I'll be in that! Count me in.
    I hope they leave a message too. It's lovely to hear where they end up.


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