Monday, December 5, 2011

Fabulous Freezing

A few months ago when I was freezing some of the delicious summer berries that were in abundance at the Turkish Markets, I hadn't been thinking ahead to the days when I would be able to pull a bag of raspberries out of the freezer and enjoy their wonderful flavours.

Today was one of those days.

A cup of raspberries, two mushy bananas, a great big slurp of vanilla yoghurt and some milk made for a fabulous mid morning treat. Getting the gritty little seeds stuck between my teeth always reminds me of summer.

I had been in a run-of-the-mill supermarket yesterday and was amazed to see the variety of fresh berries for sale. With temperatures getting close to zero, I'm not too sure where these are being grown. Next time I will have a closer look at the packaging.

It felt good knowing that the berries in my freezer were grown in the right season and had been biding their time, waiting to be added to something delicious.

We all appreciated the glimpse of summer.

What's in your freezer?

Don't forget to add a comment here if you would like a chance to win a yoghurt kit. I will post this anywhere.


  1. How lovely to have berries at your my freezer has lots of mince meat that I got for a 1/3 of the price yesterday at the supermarket, so meatballs, spagetti bolognaise, hamburgers, mexican wraps, sheppards pie here we come!!

  2. I have strawberries, cherries, rhubarb and passionfruit in the freezer. Plus meat and fish, oh and icecream too.

  3. I have been stockpiling strawberries and chopped up bananas for smoothies, I'll be prepared if we have ANOTHER devastating cyclone in north QLD this summer! (bananas have only just returned to normal prices of about $2/kg, after initial prices of $10/kg after cyclone Yasi earlier this year).

  4. Jen, it always feels me such a win when you manage to get a bargain like that.

    Fiona and Liz, it is amazing how we tend to freeze so many berries. It always feels like such a treat to thaw these out and add them to something delicious. Fiona, I would be disappointed if there wasn't icecream in there. Liz, I really hope a cyclone doesn't happen 2 years in a row. In Perth we were paying up to $16 a kilo. Bananas were like gold.

  5. mmm, nothing better than fresh berries! I'm quite partial to summer pudding too. All that terrific berry syrup, it really does indicate summer!

  6. Joy, pudding sounds great. So summery. Yum.

  7. Wise of you to store the berries back then which are showing there presence in such a wonderful manner now! The red color looks heavenly!
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