Thursday, June 11, 2015

Plastics in the Ocean

There are so many 'International Days' of this and that that I sometimes lose track and they're gone before I have had time to acknowledge them. World Environment Day and World Oceans Day fall within days of each other at the beginning of June and both were over for another year before I had blogged or Instagrammed about either.

1 Million Wonen have put together a great article about how our rubbish is ending up on the ocean. Reading through this reminded me of when I found nearly 100 of these bits of plastic at the beach.

After a bit of investigating I was pretty sure the these were cotton bud sticks. These were just on a local, metropolitan beach, all within a few metres of each other and all collected within half an hour. Grrrr.

Microbeads is another plastic that are mentioned in the article. These are tiny pieces of plastics put into face scrubs, hand soaps and toothpastes that wash down the drain and enter the waterways. Fish, birds and turtles mistake these for fish eggs and eat them.

If after reading the article and watching The Story of Stuff movie above and you are feeling that you would like to do something about this you could sign the petition. There is also an app that you can use to check items when you are out shopping or you could even use the product list.

There are so many alternatives to these plastic filled products and over the next couple of weeks I'll be looking at some homemade alternatives that will be better for your body, better for your wallet and better for the oceans. This will also be a great opportunity for you to share your recipes too.

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  1. Hurray to this post! Although we have to be ashamed because of the need for this kind of blogposts and films..

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. Is it scary that although plastic has really only been in our lives for less than 100 years, it seems to have taken over. It's pretty much impossible to go a day without coming into contact with it. The only thing I feel I can do it reduce my consumption of single-use.


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