Sunday, September 29, 2013

Earth Caring at the Royal Show

It's that time of year again. Third term is over and the Perth Royal Show is here.  

The weather was perfect for the opening of the 8 day agricultural show. 

In the Mouse House, one kiddo loves the Show while the other shudders at the thought of it. So after organising for him to go to a mate's place, the rest of us headed off. 

I was rostered on for a three hour stint at the Earth Carers tent so made the most of the spare 20 minutes before my 2pm start time. I knew what I wanted to see so we headed straight there. 

The cakes, jams and preserved are something that I get more and more excited about the older I get. 

You know the Show is keeping with the times when dukkah has a category. 

It was great to see the pavilion was full of interested people admiring the skill involved in each of these. 

I left Mr Mouse and Baby Mouse and headed over to where I needed to be. Another great display had been prepared by the Earth Carers groups (MRC, WMRC, EMRC) with lots to see and do. 

The garden bed and planting containers have all been made from materials found in rubbish pickups. 

The very popular worm information display. 

(I am planning to make one of these. I just need to get some pipe to put in it. Bulk rubbish happening around here very soon.)

Pallet gardens are great for small areas.

It was a gorgeous afternoon spent speaking to amazing people. So many are interested in the message of less waste and are either already doing fabulous things or need that little bit if information to get started. 

I also managed to sneak a peak at the sheep dog trails opposite. 

I'm off again this afternoon so will hopefully be able to get a few more photos. 

Hopefully if you are in Perth and are going to the Royal Show you are able to wander up to the tent and have a look around. 

Take care. 

This post has all been done on my phone. Fingers crossed it works. Later today I will get a chance to come back and include some links. 


  1. What a fun day! Looking at all those cakes has made me hungry.

    1. I am always totally amazed at the cakes. So much care taken and do much detail. Yum.

  2. I like cake. it is so testy. thanks


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