Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Little Housework Helper

I'm not a huge fan of housework. It doesn't seem to matter how many loads of washing or dishes I do, there are still people in this house that must insist on wearing clean clothes and using clean dishes every day!

The day to day upkeep manages to get done (and there are clean uniforms, socks and jocks daily) but it is the cleaning of floors, bathrooms and toilets that seem to be tackled fairly irregularly as some weeks I am working out of the house every day and others weeks I never leave. This is a fairly quiet week work-wise so I have managed to get onto some of bigger jobs. I know I am on a roll when I take to the doors, door frames and light switches with some bi-carb!

I do tend to resent the time that these jobs take. I think about the books I could be reading, crochet I could be learning or rides I could be taking and wish for that lotto win. I have managed to come up with a bit of a compromise. Audiobooks and podcasts have become my new housework best friends as this way I don't totally feel as though I am losing hours in the day.

I thought I would share some of my favourite listening bits and pieces in the hope that you will share some of yours.

I have just been listening to the first of the Phryne Fisher Mysteries after watching the fabulous television series. The book was quite different to the series so made worthwhile listening. The second book will be entertaining me this afternoon as I plough through as much as I can before children get home and want afternoon tea (on clean plates).

This American Life is a great weekly podcast with interesting topics and fabulous people.

Do Good Radio is an Australia production talking to people doing amazing things in their local communities and overseas. Inspiring.

I came across Here's The Thing by Alec Baldwin yesterday and really enjoyed the Andrew McCarthy interview. (Showing my age here)

Sunday Night Safran is an ABC production otherwise known as 'the rant' in this house. We love listening to John and Father Bob.

All of the podcasts here are free downloads from the iTunes store.

Please share the names of any audiobooks or podcasts that you enjoy.

I'd better go and press play on Flying Too High. This lounge-room wont clean itself (pity)

Take care

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  1. Andrew McCarthy writes for Bon Appetite mag (I was very excited to discover) in the US. Great mag to download - very well put together for iPads.


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