Friday, February 11, 2011

Sewing is On My Mind

Today I have spent most of the morning just pottering around the house. There is washing to be hung out, a new load to get started, floors to be cleaned, but I figure that those jobs wont be going away so I may as well spend some time with my much neglected sewing machine. Sewing is on my mind.

Last year we had a fabulous holiday in Tokyo and after reading this blog, headed straight to Fabric Town. Both sides of the road is lined with fabric shops, most being multi-storey buildings. Just about every imaginable design, colour and type of fabric could be found along this street. I picked up a few small pieces, as I knew that we didn't have a great deal of room for metres of material, but just enough to remember my trip to Japan.

Today I am planning to do something with these. I have a few books for inspiration and will check our some lovely sewing blogs to put these pieces to good use.

Hope you are all enjoying your Friday too.

Take care


  1. I LOVE your fabrics. I wonder what you'll make with them. I'll have to come back in a few days to see.

  2. What gorgeous fabric. I am also looking forward to seeing what you make

  3. Rhonda Jean and Elastic Mom, it has been a fairly productive sewing day here. I just need to get some brown hat elastic and then I will show you what I have been up to. All fun and now unpicking. That has to be a good day. ; )

  4. I can use some tips! I'm enchanted with sewing now.

  5. Those fabrics look lovely. I especially like the green one.
    How could you not buy fabric from a place referred to as Fabric Town!

  6. cityhippyfarmgirl, and the street was called Fabric Street! I think next time I would take a spare suitcase.

  7. Mary, I am by no means anything other than a basic 'sew'er. I've got something in mind to show you that you might like. Off to the farmers' market then I'll take some photos.


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